Monday, August 19, 2013


6:3PM:  Yes, once more, Lincoln has returned to the fold.  I was really a little concerned this time because, at the time he escaped, we hadn't actually parked the rig where it's to stay for the next week; so I didn't know if Lincoln would be able to find us, what with all the dogs and people he'd have to avoid to get here.  And, to him, Floribunda isn't yet a completely known home.

Lacy and I have returned to the blackberry bushes on the other side of the park three or four times this afternoon; I called and Lacy sniffed.  This time he just walked right out from the same bushes in which I'd seen him last.  The little rascal has done quite well walking on a leash but is very fearful of people and dogs and of course I'd just taken the leash off when he darted out.  In the past I've taken him out on walks when we first settle in a new yard, but today I hadn't had a chance yet.  I'm also going to have to expose him to more people so he won't be so afraid.  One of the 'problems' in finding him is that, although he 'meows' when I call him, he doesn't seem to have a 'voice;' I only know he's meowing when I can see him.

Now, we're ready to relax and get used to the sights and smells in this new yard.   This RV park appears to have several long-term renters, several tent camps and even a couple of Euro-vans, as well as  every flavor of motorhomes.  We'r parked in a shady spot right next to a little stream that bubbles along peacefully - hope I can hear it tonight when I go to bed.

That's all for now.     Here's a floribunda rose - called Ebb Tide ..... Mmmm, pungent and spicy scent!

Ebb Tide™ Floribunda Rose


  1. Poor Lincoln! Hopefully he will get accustomed to his new home soon.

  2. Thank goodness he came out of the bushes before dark.

  3. Today I took him out for a walk on his leash (yes, he actually walks on a leash) so he could memorize the smells, etc. around the RV so that when he escapes the next time he'll be able to find his way home - I hope! He's really pretty good when I say, "No," as he looks out the rV door. It's when somebody forgets to close the door that he sneaks out, the rascal. And, all the while, Eleanor looks on from her perch on the top of the passenger seat or on the dash. She's only interested in looking and hardly ever shows any signs of actually wanting to "go out THERE."