Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Look To This Day ... Red Bluff, California

Dawn in Puerta Encantada, Venezuela

Look To This Day 

Look to this day
For it is life, the very life of life.  In its brief course
Lie all the verities and realities of your existence.
The bliss of growth,
The glory of action,
The splendour of achievement
Are but experiences of time.

For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision;
And today well-lived, makes
Yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well therefore to this day;
Such is the salutation to the ever-new dawn!

  by Kálidása          Thought to be the greatest of the Sanskrit 

                                                       poets and playwrights, he lived in the 4th and 5th 

                                                       centuries C.E.  Of humble beginnings, he's said to

                                                       have married a princess, who challenged him to write


Wednesday in Red Bluff .....

I lived on a ranch 10 miles North-East of downtown Red Bluff in the late 80s and early 90s. Originally, my husband and I bought the 37-acre ranch as a weekend get-away from the San Francisco Bay Area; after a couple of years of driving back and forth almost every weekend (200 miles each way) I moved to the ranch full-time and worked for Saint Elizabeth's Hospital Home Health and Hospice Agency in Red Bluff as Assistant Director.

During this latter part of my marriage, several relatives from my husband's side of the family relocated to the area; now, years later, I love to come back to visit friends and family.  So, I'm enjoying the first week of my NA adventure in some old haunts, so to speak.  

Today Lacy and I went to Home Depot, which wasn't here when I lived here, to buy some laminated shelving material and brackets to 'remodel' a Floribunda wardrobe closet into a pantry.  While we were out and about, I decided to drive through the downtown area to see what's happening with some of the lovely old buildings and houses.  Red Bluff is not what one would call the "in-stopping-off-place" along I-5, but if one takes the time, it's a lovely little town, population ~8K (1960), ~11K (1990), ~13K (2012) that hasn't changed too much, save for the popping up of a Walmart, Home Depot, etc.

I remembered that I'd visited a really exquisitely restored and decorated home way back in about 1990, so I thought I'd drive around to see if I could find it and came upon this beautifully restored home on Washington Street, there always has to be a Washington Street in small-town America.  I decided to jump out of Petunia Smart Car and take this photo of a truly gorgeous home, every detail done to perfection.

As I was standing in the street admiring it, the lady of the house came out to talk.  Lo and behold, this is the house I'd visited all those years ago.  My friend, Nancy, knew of this lady who'd done this house all in red, white and blue, inside and out.  I recall that she'd done all varieties of art work, quilts, house and furniture restoration.  "Babs" has now redone the same house in this magnificent new rendition of the Victorian look.  We had a nice conversation and she even invited me in - which I declined for today as I had Lacy with me. I gave Babs my card and encouraged her to look for her house on my blog.  And, here it is!
This is exactly the type of experience I'm longing to have all over this Continent.  I love meeting people and Babs is the kind of people I look forward to meeting.

She suggested that I go 'around the corner' to take a look at a Victorian that's in the restoration process right now ....

Each of these Victorian homes has an historical plaque identifying the year of the original construction.  I believe Bab's house is from 1889 and this one from 1890.

A couple of blocks down the street I found this captivating specimen on a corner lot ....

Check out the gorgeous window curtains.  It's obvious in all three of these examples that there is much love and pride put into these magnificent specimens of another era.


  1. Beautiful poetry; I read it a few times. So very true, think of today. Beautiful houses. Seems like you are having a ball!!

    1. It's so much fun looking for the hidden treasures in little towns.
      The Sanskrit Proverb is one of my favorite poems - simple and beautiful. This day is all I have!

  2. Beautiful houses! I don't think I could live in one tho...they might be haunted. As a young mother, my two children and I lived briefly in a haunted house...very spooky. We heard my husband's voice calling my daughter and we thought he was home...he wasn't. Both Cheryl (my daughter) and I heard loud and clear my husband calling Cheryl. Strange things happened at all hours of day and night. I had to move after six months. I couldn't stand it any longer.

    1. I've always said I don't believe in 'spirits' but keep getting indications that they're there. Lots of people, sane-with-it people, have had experiences like yours. I didn't believe in hypnosis either - until I tried it at one of those 'shows;' the experience I had is worth a whole blog post - maybe later today!

  3. You got your head liner set up right!! Good job!!

    ..."Look well therefore to this day"...Perfect!!

    Love Nancy

    1. Still working on it with Dave, one of my followers. Now I want to add a few more butterflies on the right hand side. Stay posted!

  4. We have passed thru and spent a few nights here and there in Red Bluff but had no idea of the hidden beauty. Lovely homes.

    1. I'm hoping to get some more photos of this area before I head out this time. When I lived here I wasn't much into photography and now I want proof of the beauty one can find - if one looks!