Thursday, October 3, 2013

Camping World Camping

Yup, tonight I'm camping at Camping World in Layton, Utah, just north of SLC.  They're checking out the backup camera and fixing the furnace that just up and quit a few days ago.  They 'invited' us to spend the night, on them, cause a part that's needed for the furnace is due to arrive in the morning.

Heaven knows, I'm going to need a furnace - it's already down in the 30s outside right now.  The furnace is working but only heats to about 66 degrees then shuts off.  Hopefully tomorrow it'll be all better.

When Floribunda's ready we're planning to head into SLC for some tourism management.  I've done the tourist thing many years ago, but want to revisit and take some photos.  If possible, I'd love to go to listen/see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday morning; although it may be difficult to get in because I understand there's some kind of a conference going on and Mormons from all over are heading to SLC for services on Saturday and Sunday.  We'll see how it goes.

Only took a couple of pix today - this one was from the parking lot at the mall where I spent some store credit at Macy's buying long sleeve turtleneck shirts.

 Always impressive - and check out those clouds

Thank you, everybody, who offered advice regarding the possibility of driving from SLC to Denver / Colorado Springs.  I've been in email contact with Evelyn, who lives in Colorado Springs; she's very thoroughly giving me possible routes, places to stay, etc.  I really appreciate all your input.

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