Wednesday, October 23, 2013

St. George, Utah to Page, Arizona

Tuesday October 22, 2013

St. George, UT to Page, AZ

Tuesday morning dawns bright and mostly clear.  We prepare to leave St. George for a nice drive to either Kanab or go on to Page, Arizona.  I hadn’t done a lot of reading about this part of our journey; my thoughts have generally been focused on getting to the I-40 area in Flagstaff, AZ to begin our eastward bound adventure.

Arriving in Kanab at lunch time, we park in a large Mickey D’s lot and ‘splurge’ on Chicken McNuggets for me and 2 hamburgers for Lacy and the kitties.  You’ll recall that both kitties are rescues; Lincoln was taken to the sanctuary as a baby with the rest of his litter – he’s never been feral.  He nibbles on people food but prefers his wet or dry cat food.  Eleanor, on the other hand, unfortunately lived paw to mouth for quite some time.  She loves French fries and other fast food, as well as most types of people, puppy and kitty food.  In a way it saddens me but that’s the way it is; she’ll eat just about anything, even when she’s not hungry.

One reason for wanting to visit Kanab was to say ‘hello’ to friends I’d met in Mexico earlier this year who live here.  I decide to move on to Page after lunch since my friends are camping at Lake Powell for a couple of days.  I call and agree to meet them there Wednesday.

What a beautiful drive this segment of Highway 89 is between St. George and Page, Arizona!  Just about around each and every bend in the road there's a new and marvelous scene.  All of these shots were taken out of the windshield so you'll notice a few 'splatz' here and there:

We arrive in Page at the Walmart Super Center at mid-afternoon, in time for a nice reading rest and a little shopping for a few items to finish the big pot of chili I started last night.  It's sunny and warm (80 degrees) but as the sun goes down it becomes much cooler - great sleeping temperature.


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