Friday, October 18, 2013

Thursday and Friday at Red Ledge RV Park in Kanarraville, Utah

Friday evening - October 18th

Just going to send off best wishes for all of you to have a lovely weekend.  Tomorrow, I'll be heading to Kolob Canyons, the easiest to access of all Utah's National Parks.  It's right off I-15, about 19 miles from where I sit tonight,  northern part of Zion National Park.  It's said that many people drive right by, eager to get to Zion NP, not knowing this jewel is very available.  The word Kolob means "star closest to heaven;" and the locals say it just might be.  I'm thinking of heading there later in the day as the afternoon and twilight light is supposed provide extraordinary views and photo ops.

After our long day on Wednesday, yesterday and today have been dedicated to housework, cooking, laundry and a lot of reading.  When I say I'm doing housework, it's like nothing I experienced all those years with never ending responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing (lots os people don't even know what that is these days!), working, building a career and the almost ever-present educational process.  Now, when I think to myself, "You need to get this place cleaned up," it's an encouragement to spend at least an hour or two at the occupation and that total is split up into manageable increments!

While I was lounging around Camping World waiting for all the furnace activities to be completed I took the drapes from the front and side windows to the cleaners; they were badly in need of cleaning.  Then since I've had them back I've not wanted to hang them until I would really clean the front console, windows and dashboard.  Today I accomplished the task, which I'd probably given several hours of procrastination to over the last week, meanwhile living without window coverings, in about 35 minutes!  As usual, when I'm stuck in procrastination worrying about a job needing to be done, the "pre-sentir" [feeling in advance] is so much worse than the task!  When will I ever learn?

I mentioned in one of my replies to comments on today's blog that I've LOST my iPhoto Library.  I'm sure it's not really lost, but if anybody has a clue what might have happened I'd love some suggestions of what to do.  I'll keep fiddling around, but I don't want to make it worse.

Another project I'm working on is a short story.  I've threatened for years to start writing vignettes about my life and finally, I'm laying some words on paper.  If / when I think it's finished and readable I may make it available.  For the most part, these short stories will be for my grandchildren.  All I'll say is it's an amusing episode that occurred during my high school years.

Wish I could leave you with a photo, but I don't have one!  Happy Weekend!


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