Saturday, October 5, 2013

Getting to Know You ..... Or maybe it's ... Back in Kaysville Again

7:15PM Camping World full hook-up

Yes, the service rep, Bo, told me yesterday (Thursday) that they’d have everything done this morning, “…. As soon as the part we ordered comes in.”  Yeah right.  They’d ordered the part from a supplier in Salt Lake City and I paid the $25 UPS charge when it finally got here at about 11.  That’s for starters.

I went out in Petunia with Lacy to kill a couple of hours.  First, Lacy had some guided exercise in a lovely park right down the street from CW.  I have to admit, knock on wood, that my bum knee has been behaving quite well the last 3 or 4 days; I’d like it to continue, so ‘guided exercise’ consists of me commanding, “Lacy, go!” and Lacy running around me in wide circles.  “Oh, well, it works to get a few of the kinks out,” says Lacy.

 This is the lovely park just a block or so from Camping World.  We've visited about three times now and usually see an RV or two in the parking lot - maybe a lunch or rest break?

Evidently this style lamppost is used all over Kaysville because I've seen them even on the freeway overpass.  Pretty.

 "What do you think, dear, should we jump in?"

"I'm just not sure if we want to 'mix' with all this riff-raff, Daisy."

 Lots of variety - must be almost freezing water.  The Canadian Geese are well organized, following their leader ... this way

And that!

 "Now, group, fluff your wings and get dried off and comfortable.  Then ....

.... Hmmm, follow me."

Took this photo from quite a distance.  I'm guessing that it may be a black-billed magpie.  Am I anywhere close?

Then we drove to Barnes and Noble (dangerous territory for me, money-wise) where Lacy napped in Petunia, outside temperature of about 48 degrees, while I browsed through general fiction and best sellers, mysteries, sci-fi, reference, self-help, etc.  Then I went to the long wall of periodicals to take a look at what’s new.  I pulled a couple of magazines off the rack and sat down to take a look, when a lady sat down next to me with a hand-full of knitting magazines.  Well, that’s all it took and we were off into about a 30 minute conversation about knitting and crocheting – two of my favorite subjects.  We talked about patterns, favorite brands of yarn, current and future projects, past experiences and accomplishments, and, which is a knit/crochet online forum that’s the ultimate place to share our knitting and crocheting adventures and accomplishments.  Both of us are members; so we had lots to talk about.  After several minutes I commented that I thought I noticed a faint foreign accent.  Yes, she’s from Germany and met and married her husband when he was stationed there in the military.  That 'getting to know you' was fun and fit right in with my desire to meet all kinds of people along the way and learn about their lives.  I also shared a little about my experiences teaching knitting and crocheting in Guatemala and how fulfilling that experience had been for me.

Well, I’d busied myself for about three hours browsing bookstores, walking in the park, taking photos, etc; so I thought I’d check back in at Camping World to see if Floribunda was ready to go.  No, probably another hour.  So, Lacy and I went into their waiting room where I watched TV (daytime programming - ugh!), talked with folks (mostly RV salesmen – business is very slow they tell me) and Lacy greeted anybody and everybody who happened to look her way.  I checked my watch … hmmm; it’s getting on to 5, the bewitching (closing) hour.  You guessed it.  They cannot figure out why the furnace works in short cycles; so they’re going to have to continue working on it Monday!  Bo, the service rep, thinks they’re going to have to consult with Fleetwood because they’re baffled.  Isn’t it ‘special’ that I’m having so many opportunities to practice patience?  Bo had already told me they wouldn’t charge me for any labor today so I (dumb-dumb) paid the bill thinking it was just a matter of minutes until we’d be off.  $820!!!  So far they’ve installed:  a time delay relay, a circuit board, a thermostat, and a limit switch (which is what I paid $25 to have shipped from SLC).  I’m not even sure what that’s for!

So we settled in for our second night at Camp Camping World ....

 Here's the afternoon sky above our RV

And, here's what is left of last night's snow fall

One saving grace:  KOA in SLC, where I was planning to stay for several days is $43 / day.  Now I’m staying here for free.  So, let’s see.  I guess if I stay here for about 20 days more we’ll be square!


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