Monday, October 21, 2013

Some Things Are Just Not Meant To Be .....

Remember I posted a very short message this morning.  Yes, I took Lacy out for a nice walk, made sure the air conditioner in Floribunda would come on if it were to become hot inside, and left about 11:30 for the 45 minute drive to Springdale.  There I'd park Petunia and hop on a free shuttle to the Visitor Center at the Park.

As I was heading to I-15 I noticed a Denny's.   Hmmm, I haven't eaten anything today; I think I'll stop in for a quick meal.  I ordered and enjoyed a fresh vegetable omelette with an English muffin and fruit cup.  This only took about 25 minutes; no problem.

I jumped on to I-15 N and turned on to State Highway 9 and  heading uphill I got past Hurricane; when I noticed a light on the instrument panel.  What's this?  Hmm, we my previous experience I'm not taking any chances so I pulled off and retrieved the manual from the glove box.  Reading the manual takes patience; it's written for a European audience with little off-handed comments regarding the American market.  First the icon; oh yeah, that's an 'engine' icon.  So, it only took about 10 minutes trying to find what that warning light meant.

No real info in the manual.  Now what do I do?  Well, the manual does say that if the light doesn't go off within 10 seconds or so of when you turn on the ignition, "Drive the car directly to an authorized Smart Car Service Center."  Oh, no, here we go again.  I turn back and head into Hurricane, looking for some kind of auto repair shop that just might know something about Smart cars.  "Oh, look, MP, there's a Napa Auto Parts and Repair."  So, I pulled in, jumped out of the car and asked the lady at the front desk if anybody there might know about Smart cars.  "Uh, no not here."

A gentleman customer, standing next to me asked if I'd mind if he gave me an opinion.  "NO!"
We walked out to the car and tried to figure out how to get to the engine.  I found that in the manual.  The man checked the oil and it was fine.  He sat in the driver's seat and tuned the ignition on - no other warning light, just the little engine icon.  He said, "It could be any number of reasons, even not completely closing the gas cap when you fueled."  Oh my gosh, I filled the tank a couple of days ago and remember not turning the cap 'til it clicked.  So I ran back there that's about 3 steps from the driver's side door, and tightened the gas cap.  The light was still on.

So, then a repairman and the gentleman suggested that I drive it back to St. George to Foreign engine Repair on St. George Blvd.  They warned me that if the water or the oil warning lights came on, I should pull over and turn the engine off ASAP.  Okay, I drove the 30+ miles back to St. George, afte speaking with the service manager at the Foreign auto Repair.  He said they're (of course) not an authorized Smart center, but they can run a scan to see what might be the problem.

For some weird reason they take an hour lunch break from 2-3??  So I found the place and waited in the car until they were back from lunch.  The manager informed me that the scan would be $45; did I want to proceed?  Yes.

I sat in the waiting room hoping all the while that it wouldn't be bad news - like transmission, engine failure or something like that.  I only waited about 20 minutes when the manager called me over and said the scan brought up two codes that needed checking; both had to do with a 'vapor leak'  in the system.  The technician checked the gas cap and tightened it well.   Voila!  No engine warning light.

So, that did it for Zion National Park - Part 2; at least for this pass through.  Instead I went to Dillards for retain therapy - 6 pairs of socks!

Here're my photos for today ....

This photo was actually taken while I was still in downtown St. George.  All, and I do mean all, the soil and rocks are these various colors of red, gold and pink

These photos were taken while I was driving out the front and side windows

This is taken on Hwy 9 heading East ... and up

That was the end of my 'sight-seeing' for today.

 Here's where I spent $45 to find out I hadn't tightened the gas cap enough.  I'm not complaining; I'm so glad this was the 'problem'

Now on to retail therapy!

That's all folks!!


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