Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zion National Park - Kolob Canyons

Saturday morning we awake to another beautiful day in southwestern Utah.  With a nice cup of coffee and a little oatmeal, banana, pecans and yogurt I settle down to work on finding my hidden photos in my iPhoto Library.  I know they're there .... but where?  I'm not going to get into a snit about this; I know I'll discover what in the heck I did - what button I pushed, what 'save' I put in the wrong folder, or ...?

The morning goes by - a couple of walks with Lacy and the ever adventurous Lincoln.  Eleanor sits in the window and watches us like it's a foreign movie!  The nights are cold, down to the low 30s - great for sleeping in a warm RV - but today it's warming up to the mid-60s, shirt sleeve weather.  

We don't leave for Kolob Canyons until mid-afternoon.  Such a long trek ...
I drive south from Kanarraville for exactly 4.5 miles to hop on I-15 S for exactly 1.5 miles, take the exit marked "Kolob Canyons" and there in front of me is the entrance to Zion National Park - Kolob Canyons!  This adventure location took about 13 minutes to find!

I stop at the visitor center to show the ranger my Golden Age Pass; she hands me a map and newspaper for all of Zion National Park and we're on our way.
This part of the Park is especially wonderful for hikers.  There are well-identified and maintained hiking trails and the scenery .......

As we enter the road, only one, heading uphill, I notice that it's RED.  Hmm, wonder where they got the "red top!"  Driving around the first bend in the road we see the introduction to Kolob Canyons.  The only paved road taking us to the viewpoint near the top is only 5 miles long, but as we make each turn we are presented with yet another magnificent view.

"All of this is the music of waters."

John Wesley Powell was a U.S. soldier, geologist, explorer of the American West, professor at Illinois State University, and director of major scientific and cultural institutions; upon seeing this landscape in 1895.

I jump in and out of Petunia for another, and yet,  another wonder of nature - each is the perfect photo opportunity

STRATIGRAPHY:  the study of rock layers, reveals the relative age of the rocks right before our eyes.  These rocks formed in environments as varied as sand dunes and shallow sea bottoms

This is another canyon - in the ongoing 'formation' stage

Standing in one place, I can literally simply turn my head for another colored landscape - the light and shadows, sun and sky, make for an unbelievable artist's palette - above and below - same canyon

Oh, and now we see purple ...

The following six photos are taken from right to left - the grand scene from the viewpoint area.  I used my panoramic / 3D at Bryce Canyon and decided I need more practice before I commit to it.  Hence this series of straight shots:


Here's the way it looks in person...

Once again, I can't resist giving examples of the vastness and grandeur.  Those are very tall trees!

Following the rules:  Lacy must be leashed!  Fortunately she really doesn't need a leash to behave like the lady she is; but, rules are rules!

Couldn't resist ... this is just a shot looking straight UP - not one cloud in the sky!

 As I mentioned earlier, we're here in the mid-afternoon.  I'm sure these purples become more pronounced as the day wanes

The ever-present signs:  watch for wildlife, animals crossing, slippery when wet, icy footpath, etc.

And ... Falling Rocks!  This is a black and white photo on one of the view signs:

This dark streak running down the rock wall is the residue of mineral deposits from a waterfall.  In this arid country, waterfalls may last from minutes to eons; they leave deposits behind.  This is the formation of a new canyon.  There is a smaller canyon where you see the trees that is opening up, gradually, into what will be another full-blown canyon.

Oh, okay, I did one more self shot looking into the sun and snapping at the same time

Then, along came a couple visiting from Las Vegas, who offered to take my pic if I'd take theirs - with Lacy!

We stayed for an hour or so and then headed back down the 'red rock road' for the long haul home - 13 minutes!  

From the visitor's center we take one last look at another example of Nature's Glory ....

Here's our home town of Kanarraville, a thriving metropolis - I've seen:
One church - LDS of course ... and the white building to the right of the church is the Town Hall - LDS offices through the front door and City Offices through the back!
Then, there's a Post Office, open from 9-11 M-F!  The only commercial enterprise is an auto repair shop in somebody's yard!

Established 1866

Today, we'll leave at head a great distance to St. George, Utah; then tomorrow the plan is to visit Kanab, Utah where we'll visit Bobbi and Sky, a couple we met at Chimulco Water Park in Mexico last Winter.
That's all for now!


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