Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Happening in Utah?

So, Monday CW finished the work on Floribunda.  In the final analysis I’m happy with CW service at Kaysville.  The service rep I dealt with is Bo Parker; I feel he treated me very fairly.  For the last two nights I’ve monitored how the furnace is functioning and I’m still going to pay attention tonight because it seems that the thermostat works, but not completely accurately.  If I have the setting at 75 F the actual temperature in the kitchen / dinette section gets up to about 68, but the bedroom first thing in the morning is about 60F and that’s a little too cold for me.  I’m going to check it out again tonight and if I have the same outcome I’m going to head back in to talk to Bo in the morning.

Also, and I’m embarrassed to say this, I had played a little bumper tag with a garbage receptacle while driving Petunia Smart.  I was looking for the garbage bins and had driven practically all over Willard Bay SP when I suddenly saw one and drove up to the front of it and started to jump out of the car to through the trash in; but I forgot to put the transmission in “Park!”  So as I was stepping out of the car it kept moving forward  … I actually was able to jump back in as I was pushing the car back – it’s so light I can push it myself – but not before it ‘rubbed’ against the edge of the garbage bin and put a nasty scratch in my little Petunia.  It's been painin' me for almost a week.

Monday afternoon, after all was completed with Floribunda I was driving out of the full hook up site at CW in Petunia and a lady stopped me to tell me she is a Smart owner and is a bookkeeper for CW.  We talked for a couple of minutes about Smarts and I asked if she knew a reasonably priced body shop in the area.  She said her husband owns a body shop in Ogden and would be happy to look at Petunia's boo boo and give me an estimate.  So yesterday morning I drove to J and J Body Shop on Wall Avenue in Ogden and met her husband, Jeff.  I’d not wanted to report my stupidity to AAA since there’s been so much interaction with them recently; I thought they might ‘fire’ me as a client!  Seriously, I have $1000 deductible and I’d estimated that the repair would probably be less than the deductible.  I drove to the shop yesterday and the work was done today for $220. Yippee!  And, it’s a beautiful job.  I’m thrilled with the results but not thrilled with my stupidity in having the confrontation with a garbage bin!  I just keep living and learning – I hope!

I plan to stay a couple more days and then head south.  I may stop in Provo at the authorized Smart dealership and buy a spare tire and wheel for Petunia as they don’t come with one.  Jeff, at J and J Auto Body told me you can’t buy these tires anywhere but a Smart dealership; so I’m thinking it’ll be better to be safe than sorry.

I finally made the decision not to try to go to Colorado Springs this Fall; I'm going to save that trip for next year.  It's sad because I really wanted to visit Addison at her first professional job, but I'm just a little gun-shy about those passes over the Rockies at this time of year.

While in Ogden yesterday I visited Smith and Edwards, a giant Ace Hardware store, after receiving the suggestion from a follower of my blog.  I’ll post some photos of my experience in one of the most interesting stores I’ve ever been in.  It’s a really fun place to visit if you’re in this area…..


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