Friday, September 20, 2013

"Are you the Butterflies and Heart Songs blogger?"

Last evening, about 8, after my pleasant day of touring in the south of Portland area, I was doing a little prep work on a stew for today or tomorrow and writing emails when I heard a knock on the door.  Thinking it was the camp hosts, I opened the door to a completely unknown lady who immediately said, "My name is Betty ..... and I'm a blogger.  I've been following your blog and just read your post for today.  I told my husband, Joe (and Joe got out of the car and offered his hand for a shake), that I wanted to drive over and introduce myself to Mary-Pat."

Betty and Joe live here in the vicinity; Betty's a blogger: Joe and Betty's Adventures They're currently not RVing as Joe has a nearly 99-year old mother who they need to be close to.  But they certainly seem to have adventuring hearts.  I'm looking forward to following their blog.

Another surprise on this adventure that would never happen if I were tucked away at home in Roseville.

We stood and talked for 20 minutes or so.  Betty explained that she'd started following my blog through Tioga George's blog, The Adventures of Tioga and George, which she said she's been following for a long time.  We hit it off right away, a very friendly couple.  Betty offered to give me advice about the area if I have any needs and also invited me to join them on a jaunt to Camping World in Wilsonville (about 20 miles from here) this morning.   I gladly accepted and plan on them picking me up at about 10.

How about couch-surfing?

Kevin and Ruth Travel with Kevin and Ruth often share their experiences 'couch-surfing;' I haven't tried it yet but would like to.  They always seem to have really enjoyable visits with people all over the World.  I like that!  When we put ourselves 'out there' just a little, the rewards are exponential.

Just in the last three days I've had the acquaintance and new friend pleasures of CC, who I met in Ashland, and now Betty and Joe here in Oregon City.  What fun.

The continuing saga of Lincoln, the cat....

I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that Lincoln, the inveterate explorer shot out of Floribunda night before last and stayed out all night.  Yesterday morning I checked to see if he'd returned and there he was on the RV step; and next to the step on the ground was his present - a dead mouse!  Last evening while I was visiting with Betty and Joe he scooted out again; and again was on the doorstep this morning.  The camp host, Don, gets up very early to open the security gate by 5AM for early departures; he said he saw Lincoln yesterday way on the other side of the park.  Well, he seems very capable of finding his way home.

Thought I'd toss in newish pix of the crew - waiting for Petunia to return - earlier this week......

 Looks like nothing unusual about this pic - but, for Eleanor this is such an improvement over the shy and abused kitty who pretty much felt she had to curl up in a ball and hide most of the time.  She's just starting to come out of her shell

 Lacy is built with lots of angles - she prefers to use a pillow whenever possible.  And she likes to scrunch it up, just so for comfort

Lincoln is acting more and more like a dog every day.  He loves to take walks with Lacy and me; and, he doesn't try to escape when I say "No," but if I don't notice or forget to give the command, he can dash past me and out the RV door with lightening speed

I sent a belated BD wish to John and found this (appropriate for me) butterfly card on Jacquie Lawson's website    Butterfly animated card


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