Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Kooky Kangaroo" Does It Again .... Lake Tahoe Ironman

Tuesday Evening - Pendleton, Oregon - Parked at Walmart for the night so I'm not going to fool around with the imported photos of the Ironman competition.  Here's the post I started yesterday and I'll post pix later.

8AM  Monday morning

Just got off the phone with Kari (Kooky Kangaroo is a childhood name from a kids' card game), who is FIRED UP.  She's riding a high that comes after a job well done.  She's an IRONMAN one more time. David, my son-in-law, will be sending me photos to post, hopefully later today.  But, long story short:
*  Air temperature 31F (-0.55C) - got up into the 40s to 50s during the day; then back down into the   30s before she finished the race.
*  Water temperature in Lake Tahoe 51F (10.56C)
*  2.4-mile swim - lots of people pulled out during the swim in the icy water of Lake Tahoe

*  112-mile bike - base altitude = 6,248 feet

*  26.2-mile run

David got some fantastic shots of her during the race.  I'll get them imported to post them ASAP.  I'm working on battery power now - at Walmart.  Ta-Ta


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