Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crater Lake RV Park - Saturday

8/31/13   9:30PM

This morning begins with us all waking up relaxed and looking forward to another very relaxing day.  I spend some time this morning checking out a few things about Photoshop Elements 11.  I’m using the Dummies book and am starting to have a vague notion as to how to put together images in layers to come up with the title of my blog.  Dave of GoingRVWay has helped me so much; I really appreciate it.

I think with the Internet issues, I forgot to mention that Dave and Marcia of stopped by to meet in person on Thursday afternoon.  It's so much fun to actually meet some 'virtual' friends after knowing much about them from their blogs.  Dave's parents and a sister (I believe) live in Citrus Heights, CA, very close to Roseville, where my house is.  They're full-timing it in their RV for about another year and a half before they return home to Florida.

I've stocked Floribunda quite well with staples and meat, etc; so today ....
I take some boneless, skinless chicken breast halves out of the freezer to thaw and this afternoon I make a Chicken Piccata using Mazzetta brand capers – Ron and Gail Mazzetta were next-door neighbors in Marin County, CA for almost 30 years.  I have lots of stories to share at a later date.

I only ventured out in Petunia for about 20 minutes, driving to the down-town metropolis of Prospect to buy sour cream for today’s meal.  The Prospect grocery, bait, tackle, hardware, liquor, drug, clothing and souvenir store is approximately a one-minute drive from the park.

I enjoy eating the big meal of the day in the afternoon so by 3PM I have the piccata, baked potato with butter and sour cream and sautéed home-grown patty-pan squash ready to be eaten.

The big project for the day is finishing the book, Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum, an extraordinarily written first novel for this talented author.  It is historical fiction, “An absorbing tale of two women’s struggles with the burdens and responsibilities of remembrance,” per the tome’s cover.  It simultaneously tells of Anna, a young German woman and her horrendous experiences as a German Aryan in Weimar, Germany [where Buchenwald Concentration Camp was located] during WWII; and that of her daughter, Trudy, and her need to find out more about the mother who can’t tell her what actually happened during that dark time.

Tonight there’s a giant campfire for all guests at the RV park; we all saunter out to the center fire pit and enjoy music and singing, hot dog and s’mores roasting, congeniality and story telling.  I sit with my ‘neighbors,’ Karen and Denver and their little apricot-colored toy poodle.  Lacy went with me and all have a good time.   


  1. It sure was nice to meet you too. I know we will all meet along the road again somewhere, sometime. Safe travels...hi Lacy! Dave & Marcia

  2. Mary Pat, May I ask if you plan to go to Mexico winter of 2013/14? Maybe it is a year of roaming the USA? It is a big beautiful country and so is Southern Canada

  3. I am thinking of going to Mexico either late this year or early next. The way the time has gotten away from me, I'm revamping my schedule, such that it is. I'm heading to Yellowstone and then I'll drop down into Colorado to visit my granddaughter in Colorado Springs. Then I'm thinking of continuing in a southerly direction to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I might just pick up on I-40E and get my little family to the East. I'd like to spend some time in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas. Then from Texas I'd head into Mexico. I came out of Mexico at Nuevo Laredo in April and liked some of the places I stopped on the way north from Jalisco. Of course, all of this could change depending on weather, whims, etc.
    Do you go to Mexico in the winters?