Monday, September 2, 2013

Serenity Sunday


It's September!  Time flies.

This morning we've been invited to another camp function - a pancake and sausage breakfast.  Lacy and I amble all the way over - about 40 feet! - and enjoy meeting even more folks and having nice conversations about RV-ing, camping, good roads, bad roads, etc.  Braced with freshly squeezed orange juice, Crater Lake coffee, delicious pancakes fresh off the griddle and sausage links, after an hour or so of kibitzing we came back and found that we can access the Internet.  Yippee!  So, Lacy, Lincoln and Eleanor are sleeping away a warm, lazy Sunday while I catch up on this blog.

I spoke with 'Pam,' one of the park owners, and she encouraged me to take a scenic route off of US 97 at Crescent, OR and meeting State 372 almost right at Bend tomorrow.  Now, with Internet access, I can scope out a plan for the drive; Bend is only about 125 miles from here but some parts are curvy and uphill so I plan to take my time.  So far, no reservation for tomorrow night; we'll see what happens.

When I was traveling in the Toyota Dolphin I felt I really had to 'gear up' for each portion of the trip; now, it seems so simple with Floribunda.  Hitching Petunia has not brought up any issues - yet - and battening down the hatches, not having to go to a dump station, takes about 10 minutes.