Saturday, September 21, 2013

We Visit Bob's Red Mill in Milwaukee, Oregon .... And Lacy Gets a Doo


Betty asked me yesterday if I'd like to go to Bob's Red Mill today - of course I would.  I've bought many of their products in California super-markets - what a treat to see where they come from.  I'd also made an appointment for Lacy to be groomed today- she was one sweet ragamuffin.  So before I delivered her to the grooming shop in Oregon City I took a few 'before foo-foo' shots:

 Lacy posing BEFORE - she doesn't realize that she's an embarrassment to the Poodle world!

Good to know about Standard Poodles:  they never have doggie odor (even six weeks after the last bath) and they don't shed

 This tail needs work!

Hmmm, I think it might rain today - what do you think?

I delivered Lacy and we were off to Bob's Red Mill
Well, I just know I'm going to love this place .... red is one of my favorite colors.  The water wheel was constructed by, I believe, Joe's (of Betty and Joe) uncle.  It was built in pieces and put together here on the scene.  Besides all the wonderful milled products the place is loaded with antiques everywhere you look

 Here's Betty in front of the water wheel

MP at the same spot

Who should come along?  It's Bob Moore, the founder, and his Beagle, Mandy.  Betty and Joe are good friends and she introduced me to the man himself - who's still working every single day - We figured his age to be 85!  He's a real celebrity - more about that later

This is the view as you enter the store.  It's chock full of goodies - just about any kind of flour, grains, beans, baking and cooking equipment you can imagine.  Oh, I was in Heaven!  In this shot the lady with the walker, who's talking to Betty in the background, is Bob's wife

A picture of a picture:  Bob and his wife with a clown and Mandy

This shot is taken from the balcony that's outfitted with lots and lots of tables for eating their wonderfully prepared breakfasts and lunches.  Betty and I both had the special of the day - a cashew chicken sandwich on their homemade bread, homemade chips, pickles and carrots and a homemade cookie of your choice for dessert.  I had oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip

 This is the bulk buying section.  It's about three or four isles of just about any grains, flours, seeds you  can imagine.  How about quinoa, spelt, couscous, whole white wheat, steel cut oats ...........?

On a Saturday at about noon, it's impossible to take even one shot without catching people in the process of stocking up on all the wonderful and healthy foods here.  And, the number of gluten-free products they offer boggle the mind

A sampling of their teas and spices - all freshly prepared in house.  They also have several different local honeys ... the list goes on and on

I'm going to have to return another time.  Tours of the production facilities are given every Monday through Friday at 10AM.  I'm sorry to have missed it, but it's worth a return visit.  

From Bob's we returned to Betty's house where she presented me with People Before Profit, The Inspiring Story of the Founder of Bob's Red Mill, by Ken Koopman.  I plan to read it beginning tonight; but I'd heard of the integrity and selflessness of this gentleman, Bob Moore.  As it relates on the back cover of the book:
"In an era of corporate greed and CEOs behaving badly, Bob Moore's philosophy of putting people before profit is a shining example of what's right about America.  His unconventional thinking and passion for healthy living are an inspiring story for readers of all ages."  On February 15, 2010, his 81st birthday, Bob Moore gave his company to his employees.  

As Tamron Hall, MSNBC News, put it:  "Just when you think bosses don't care about the employees, this one will blow you away.  Bob, you are awesome and you're an absolute hero."

In my brief introduction to him I found an energetic, passionate, healthy, friendly and with-it  'young' man.  What a fantastic humanitarian and leader.

Okay, so from there I drove back to Oregon City to pick up Lacy at the groomer's.  I'd dropped her off at about 10:30 and when I arrived at about 2:30-ish, they said they thought it would be another hour, at least.  I drove 'home' to check on the cats and do a little tidying; then returned and sat in the car with my book until her glorious self was ready - just about 4PM.

Right after we got home, she jumped on the bed, as if to say, "And, I'm not leaving here again today!"

Here's a close up of our 'not-to-foo-foo-ed' Lacy.  Notice her 'butterfly' tags

And here's the tail end of my journal for today!

If you're interested in reading about Bob Moore, here's a link to the article about his generosity towards his employees ......


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