Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday in Oregon City

Clackamette Park

We moved from Milo McIver State Park to Clackamette City Park yesterday morning.  I'd decided on Friday to leave Petunia in the repair shop so I could ruminate on how I want to progress with the whole situation.  I told a little 'fib,' saying that I didn't feel well and would have to pick her up on Monday.

I can't say I'm very much clearer now either, but I'm 'ruminating!'

This southern Portland area brings back memories as we lived here back in the early 70s for a year.  I find Oregon a very enticing State, progressive but cautious about ecological concerns.  As I recall from my earlier association, there was a bumper-sticker-type notice circulating, directed at Californians:  WELCOME TO OREGON, CALIFORNIANS. NOW GO HOME! - or something to that effect.
Oregonians seem to really love taking advantage of all their natural wonders - forests, rivers, ocean, beaches, hiking, biking, fishing - the list goes on.  In this city park I believe there are only two rigs with out-of-state license plates:  mine and one from Iowa; and the park's just about full (35-40 sites).  Interesting.

Other good news:  I have become a great-great aunt!  My grand-nephew Doug and his lady, Kristi,  welcomed an awesome baby boy, Daniel Weston Sherman, weighing in at 7 pounds and 15 ounces.

Congratulations to parents, Doug and Kristi, grandparents, Gregg and Claudia, great grandma, Barb Sherman and great-great-grandpa, Spence Sherman

We made it through a whole week at McIver SP without  having Lincoln "escape" from Floribunda, not that I become overly concerned these days as he's always found his way home - so far!  But, I've started walking him on his leash a couple of times a day and he's really getting the hang of it.  I do tether him outside the rig sometimes but don't feel that's quite as safe due to dogs around and about.

Well, for now, I'm back to my ruminations.....


Just took Lacy out for a nice walk around the park and watched a gentleman Oregonian walking along the shore of the river with a litter bag and a paper-picker-upper and his dog.  We had a nice conversation for a few minutes and I gave him my blog address.  This is what I love about meeting people along the way, experience I'd never have sitting in my home watching TV!

There's been some thunder and lightening and about 5 drops of rain - so far - but I remember my time in Lake Oswego; it rains a lot!


  1. What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to family.