Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday in South-Central Idaho


Oh, Joy!  We had a nice drive today.  South-Central Idaho is pretty arid, flat, windy with some big and magnificent surprises.  We're settled at our RV Park for the night, Village of Trees RV Resort outside of Declo, Idaho, off I-84E.

Petunia followed along behind Floribunda like the little champ I knew she could be.  We stopped at one rest area so I could check her out and see if her battery and computer system were okay.  NO PROBLEM at all.  Also, believe it or not, the backup camera functioned flawlessly the whole day.  I can't remember right now who suggested that there might be some wetness that needed to dry out; and I don't know if that is/was the issue because it did drizzle pretty much the whole day today.  But, the Voyager worked tirelessly the whole trip.  Hallelujah - praise the Lord.

The day has been gray and showery, but what surprisingly great photo ops.  I'm not going to talk more but simply want to upload the photos.  Remember we're traveling along the Snake River ....

Drizzle, arid, big country, not much to see

 Patches of green from time to time looking through a raindrop speckled windshield
 Aha, the Snake River and lots of basalt - volcanic history here

As we got near Twin Falls, Idaho we crossed over this bridge; so we decided to take a detour to the lookout area and this is what we saw....
 Looking back at the bridge we'd just crossed

 Then standing in the exact same spot looking the opposite direction

 Also taken from the same spot checking out the people standing out on the actual lookout

 Lacy took a couple of looks, then became very circumspect, "Hmm, I think I'll just stay a little back from that kinda' low wall!"
 "Don't you agree, folks, it's safer from here"

 A day with NO SUN but absolutely perfect photo ops - Just look at that snake winding all over the place!
 Lots of basalt and other rocks here.

It's impossible to take a bad shot!

 Interesting statue honoring Ira Burton Perrine on the grounds of the Visitors' Center - see plaque below

 Twin Falls, ID remembering their founders

The visitor information / gift shop was manned by two helpful teenage volunteers who work here every weekend

Floribunda and Petunia, with Lincoln and Eleanor, were waiting patiently in the lookout parking lot

Happy Sunday Everybody!


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