Wednesday, September 4, 2013

As the Buddha Says ....

Several years ago I read The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, MD.  The book opens with the following quote:
“Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult-once we truly understand and accept it-then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.”
I believe the original quote is one from the Buddha:  "Life is Difficult."  Dr. Peck's explanation seems very apt to me this morning.
Why begin today's post with this quote?  Well, as I said yesterday, the issues with my Petunia Smart Car battery / starter are going on as I write.  I'm just waiting on that one. 

The other issue that I became aware of yesterday afternoon:
* My Toyota Camry is parked at my friends' ranch in Loomis, CA 
* It's there for my son / daughter-in-law to pick up as soon as they can (180 miles away for them) as I'm giving it to them for my granddaughters' use when they turn 16
*My friend Bob decided it had been sitting a while, so he attempted to start it - dead battery
*He jump started the battery and decided it would be a good idea to drive it a little to make sure the battery is fully charged
*While driving it in the local area he rear-ended another car!  The accident was his fault - no argument there
*What to do now?  I still have the car insured, which I've planned to terminate when my son takes possession
*I have $1000 deductible insurance.  YIKES!
*Bob is having somebody come to the ranch to give an estimate for repair but thinks it'll be over $1000.  [Of course.  No repair is under the deductible, is it?]
*Hmmm.  I am choosing not to get all worked up at this point.  The car's paid for. If worse comes to worse, I could sell it for scrap.
*It's certainly not going to be any help at all if I sit here in Burns, Oregon trying to solve all the problems in Loomis, CA.
*Hope I can stay in this frame of mind


  1. Isn't the party who rear ended your car responsible for the damages?

  2. When you tow your smart car, is the key required to be in the acc position so the steering wheel will turn? If it does the battery could be too small for a day of towing greater than a couple of hours. Our Ford C-Max Hybrid has a very small battery, just enough to start the gas engine, and can not be towed more than a couple of hours. A battery charge line is required so the battery stayed charged. Thus we have no problem. This maybe your problems.

    Your insurance company on the wrecked car will only pay above your deductible but will go after the driver's (your friend) insurance company for payment in full as it was not your fault. They will then cut you a check refunding your your deductible, that is if your turn it in to your insurance company and tell them who was driving.

    Good luck and don't let this stuff ruin your trip,
    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

    1. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. More info to come.

  3. Dianna, the way I read it her friend, Bob, was driving her car and is the one that was at fault.
    Poor Bob.

  4. Sorry about the grammar mistakes, really need to proof my post. A bit lazy as I normally use edit as my proof.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  5. The person driving your car is responsible for damages and his insurance should pay for damages. If your friend does not have insurance, then you would pay for damages i.e. uninsured motorist driving your vehicle. Same as driving a rental a driver, I am insured and pay for any damages to the rental car and if it's my fault I pay damages for the party I hit. You shouldn't have to pay to your insurance agent...they will take care of it.

  6. The Butterflies and Heart Songs saga continues today. Thanks everybody for your concern.