Monday, July 8, 2013

Am I Doing the "Right Thing?"

Even the well-thought-out ideas for new things, endeavors, experiences in one's life conjure up a few moments of DOUBT, right?

I'm, so far, very happy with the decision to rent my house, buy a new RV and get ready to head out for all the adventures and experiences that are OUT THERE.  Each time I go online, my Safari browser flashes some recent headlines from the New York Times.  Thought all you full-time RVers might enjoy this article....

YIKES - New York City


  1. MP -

    The price of NYC condos is not your problem or opportunity. It sounds to me that you're already doing the things that make you feel alive. Right? You're challenging yourself---sure you're taking chances, but you're covering your bases at each step. You're not likely to get boxed into some bad space.

    "The Right Thing" is something you have to answer. But when you ask that first question don't forget to ask the second one. "What would I rather be doing?"

    In the end it goes back to the old saying we've all heard. Ten years from now will you be scolding yourself for trying too much, or too little.

    I vote for "go for it."

  2. Simple answer - YES..........a million times over!!!!

  3. I would not give a thought to the price of real estate in the Manhattan area.

  4. A woman's prerogative is to change her mind....go for it until you decide to change it again. You won't know if you've made the right decision until after a trial run for the first year or two.