Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweltering in Roseville

First of all my prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives yesterday in Congress, Arizona.  Having been a healthcare worker - emergency, labor and delivery and surgical services - for eons, I understand the mentality and dedication of those who choose, as a career, to be of service to others in times of great stress.

It is really hot!  Even for those of us who have air-conditioned homes and cars, it's TOO D*MN HOT! We expect it to be a high of 110F. today and a low tonight / tomorrow morning of 79F.  I have a little outdoor atrium between my living room and dining room - it was 119F. out there yesterday - in the shade!  I stayed indoors!

This morning, bright and early, the carpet installer arrived to re-carpet the second bedroom in my little house.  There wasn't a thing wrong with the previous one until I rented that room to the young couple who were here during my Mexican adventure.  They had rented the house next door to mine all the time I've been in this neighborhood and they told me they were 'saving' to buy a house and would love to rent the second bedroom in my house for the months I was to be away.  As I had 'known' them, I just invited them in and felt quite comfortable leaving them with the use of the whole house.  I asked that they monitor my mail, keep the house clean, notify me of any 'issues,' and deposit rent and utility payment into my bank account.  For all intents and purposes, none of this really happened.  There were sporadic deposits made a few times, always with the promise that they'd get caught up.  I was very disappointed but thought they were, at least, in the house and maintaining things for me with respect to the property - NOT!

This has been a really expensive learning experience for me ... rent and utilities in great arrears, ruined bedroom carpeting, broken vacuum cleaner,  mold growing in kitchen and one bathroom .... and a few more things, including leaving lots of old clothing, sports equipment, tools, housewares, etc. - most with really no value - in the garage.  This is why I've so carefully put together the Rental Agreement with the soon-to-be tenants.  As I was developing the components of this Rental Agreement, I kind of felt like the Wicked Witch of the West; but, hey, I don't want a repeat of the previous experience!

As I haven't been taking many photos lately ....

Thought I'd insert this pic of a Blue Morphus butterfly taken at a Butterfly Zoo in Costa Rica 
in July 2012.  This magnificent species only lives in all its glorious color for 18 days!

I'm heading out now to pick up more boxes for packing - boy am I down-sizing - only that which I know I'll want/need if/when I decide to put down roots in a house again.  I have access to the climate-controlled storage unit as of today; so I'm going to start moving stuff in there on a gradual basis - leaving the heavy moving truck items until I have lots of male family members' help.  Even my granddaughter's boyfriend has offered.  Yippee!


  1. I would never rent my house etc out to anyone. Your experience is pretty typical plus I justt wouldnt want strangers in my home. Not to worry, Im a full timer, I take my house with me! Very hot in Spokane too! Jack

  2. I'm looking forward to heading by that way. I want to go to Coeur d'Alene as I've visited there a couple of times but didn't get to stay but a couple of days. As for the renting thing, yes, that wasn't a nice experience; but I'm not really attached to houses - except maybe my new RV(!) - I've lived in so many, I guess I've become a little hardened. To me they're just a place to hang one's hat! I like them while I'm in them, but don't seem to miss them when I'm not.