Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Fangled "Paperwork"

Looks like today is going to be a whole day dedicated to getting taxes and other documentation in order for the re-financing.  I remember when that meant that I'd be tearing file cabinets apart and driving all over to h**l and gone to get copies (remember the $.05/page coping in the library?) to provide the mortgage broker / bank for refinancing.

Now, I fiddling with my computer (not so bad) and my scanner (a nightmare machine) to get the whole list of requirements in to the mortgage bank.  So, I'll say "Too-da-loo" for now.  Hmm, maybe I'll throw in  photos......

Antigua, Guatemala sunset - taken from my bedroom window - 2012:

My dear little Bella (pronounced BA-YA - that's español) taking a water break early 2012:

Some of the wild turkeys that live in a group of trees on my street in Roseville.  They live here year round and walk through the neighborhood daily.  There are about 30-40 of them and this photo was taken in November 2012 - a couple of days after my return from Guatemala.  Had this photo been taken in Guatemala, you could have seen men, women and children chasing them - with machetes! 

70th birthday dinner - Mazatlan, Mexico February, 2013


  1. Good luck on your paperwork.

    You are NOT 70! If you are you are "well preserved!" February birthday? What day? I'm on February 15th. :-)

  2. Well, Cheryl, maybe we will celebrate together some year! I think one of the reasons I'm so enjoying my 'new' life is that I waited sooooo long to retire - almost 69 by the time I walked out of that office. I am so ready to play!

  3. Gad I hate it when someone says "you certainly are well preserved ." lol Im 72.

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  5. I remember being 'pickled' a few times, but no one has ever suggested I was 'well preserved." Is that a compliment?