Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pass It On .....

Saturday July 6th - already!  How time flies!

This AM I drove Miss Flair [no permanent name yet] to Camping World to have a back-up camera installed, generator oil and filter change, 6-volt batteries and tires checked and a personal orientation to make sure I'm clear on how all systems work.  So, now it's down to getting the rest of my responsibilities - like the house - ready so I can be off!

I ran in to a lady outside Camping World who was loading some things into their brand spanking new 30-foot RV.  We started chatting and I asked if they're full-timers.  "No, not yet," she responded; "Two more years 'til retirement."  She then asked me if I'm a full-timer and I said I'm almost considering myself one since I'm planning such a long sojourn in my new rig.  She asked if I have a blog and when I said that I do, she asked if she could follow my adventures.  I wrote my blog address for her and requested that she leave a comment and mention that we'd spoken today.  What a fun way to make new friends, hear more human-interest stories and make a rich and fulfilling life.  I am so happy to have come upon this rich and rewarding lifestyle.

I think the back-up camera is a good addition for me; I don't have a lot of self-confidence when it comes to judging distances, etc.  I decided to practice a little in the Camping World parking lot, which I did and kind of got the hang of it.  Then I left the camera operating as I drove the 6 or 7 miles home and I liked being able to see directly behind my rear bumper.  With that vantage point, along with the great side mirror system, my self-confidence has improved nicely.  I always appreciate it when offered help in tight-squeeze parking spots, but, as a single lady traveling solo, I want to be able to handle parking situations on my own too.

Thought I'd toss in a couple of photos as I'm not taking too many right now while I'm just working on the house, etc.

This photo of an indigenous grandmother, mother and baby girl was taken on La Calle del Arco, Antigua, Guatemala just about a year ago.  Grandma and Mom are street vendors who come into Antigua to sell their wares.  The ladies are wearing the traditional huipile (pronounced WE PEEL), the blouse, and corti (pronounced KOR TE), the wrap around skirt that's tied at the waist with a hand-woven narrow sash.  notice that the six-month old baby is also wearing a corti and there is a huipile under that little white sweater.  I told the mother that I'd print a photo and take it to her the next weekend.  I made a copy of this shot and framed it in an ornate little frame.  When I took it to her, she said it's the only picture she has of the three of them.  It felt so wonderful.

And, here are Lincoln (left) and Eleanor just practicing for all the relaxing they'll do when we get our new adventure on the road.  Lincoln is an adventurer and likes it when we camp someplace for more than a day or two, 'cause his mom lets him out to explore.  He always comes back and sits outside the door in an hour or so.  Eleanor, who is a rescued feral cat, wants nothing more than to stay inside and view the great outdoors - through glass.  She has no desire to go outside at all.


  1. I enjoyed your blog today. The anticipation is building up as to where you will first on your trip and what you'll see & do. I wanted to see photos of the rear camera & the console to get an idea what it looks like from the driver's seat. Love the picture of the two ladies and the little girl. I'm Navajo so I always enjoy seeing other cultures and attire. I have five cats..a mother and her four kittens (no longer kittens). The kittens were born on 4th of July..hence two named Independence and Freedom (Indy and Fredo for short). The other two are named Inky and Helmet. Mother cat's name is Blair.

  2. I emailed a response with updates for you, Rita.

  3. You are really moving along with all your prep. So glad that the back up camera is giving you that extra boost of confidence. Thanks for sharing some of your past photos.