Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday in Bob and Judy's "RV Park"

Saturday 7/27/13

Yesterday the heat wave continued and I ran the air conditioner with the generator - at least until it turned itself off!  It did so because the gas tank level fell below the level to run the generator.  Thank goodness, I knew why it had stopped working so I didn't have to get stressed about that  this time!  However, it was 104 degrees F. (that's 400 C) inside the rig!  I turned the fan on and opened all the windows so the cats wouldn't die; while Lacy and I headed into Bob and Judy's house for a few hours 'til the sun went down.

This morning I got up early, stowed stuff and took the awning down so I could drive the rig to gas it up. We're back 'home' and the air conditioner is on - it's supposed to be a little cooler today and tomorrow .... you know, like only 90 or so!

Yesterday, Judy and I went over to my house and lined shelves,  vacuumed, scoured bathrooms, cleaned the refrigerator / freezer in the kitchen and the freezer in the garage - I had called two cleaning services multiple times, left messages and got NO response.  The renters (Judy's daughter and fiancé) wanted to start moving in; so [thank God for Judy] we got it in an acceptable semblance of order.  My gardener, who does the back yard maintenance, went there this morning and gave the whole back and side yards a thorough spiffing up.  So, I think the Jennifer and Jason are satisfied that it's clean and neat.  As I've mentioned, I retired the Summer of 2011 and have essentially been gone ever since; so things like taking the garage apart and cleaning had to be done.  Well, it's done now.

Since I've been home today I've started weeding out more stuff I stowed in here; my adventure-loving- not-hoarding mentality is kicking in and material stuff is lots less important.  So, I guess I'm going to make more donations to Goodwill Industries - ahhh but it feels good to lighten up.

As I was returning to my Smart Car after lunch with Kerry on Thursday, I heard a little "chirp-chirp," looked up and saw this little guy right over the sidewalk.  He just sat there on the rim of the hanging planter chirping away.  I had my camera in hand and was able to snap these shots.  I'm not, in any way, knowledgeable about many bird species and I haven't looked this guy up; so if anybody knows what he is, please let me know.

 I have purchased a "Birds of North America;" I need to start studying.  Hope everybody has a wonderful last weekend in July 2013 - boy how time flies!


  1. 400 C ? Wowzzzer, that's kinda warm ! LOL

  2. Whoops! 40 degrees Celsius is hot enough!

  3. Mary Pat, I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now (not sure how I stumbled on it) and looks like I have the perfect excuse to come out of the shadows. My guess is that your birdie is a chipping sparrow, which some people call a chirping sparrow. Might be a female or a young one because the markings are light. I could be wrong as I’m not an expert, but chipping sparrows do have thin eyeliner like your birdie.

    Love your blog. My husband and I also retired in August of 2011 and have been full timing in our motor home ever since. We, too, had to do a major downsizing so I can relate. However, our adult daughter and SIL moved into our place, so we did not have to move everything out -- just enough to make room for their stuff plus the stuff of their two kids, i.e., a lot.

    We have a blog as well: if you ever want to check it out. Right now we are visiting family in Ohio but are taking off on another RV adventure Wednesday. Best wishes to you! Happy travels and happy blogging.


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    Sorry for the double post. I noticed that I had put in yesterdays blog.

  5. I can't quite tell what Sparrow it is, but it is a baby. Notice the yellow color around the mouth.

  6. Congrats on not panicking on figuring out your problem with the generator. New rule to add to your lists, never let the fuel tank go below half!! We were given that advice our first year of RVing and since then have twice almost run out of fuel, once in southern California where there were no gas stations. Finally we found one but it was for cars, we unhooked and somehow managed to get the RV close to the diesel pump and just put in $100.00. It took forever plus we were blocking all the other pumps. It was my fault because I assumed that there wold be truck stops along that section of the highway.

    Happy you are almost ready to fly away.