Monday, July 8, 2013

First "Issue" with Miss Flair and Packing Underway .....

Monday AM
Yesterday I started packing in earnest.  Quinn and Landon relieved me of a car-load of mostly kitchen and dining room things; that is, after they treated me to a delicious lunch at The Yard House restaurant. I mainly packed cook books in small boxes; but they're still so heavy!

This morning I've hired a young woman to come and pack for three hours or so - she'll be carefully packing all my travel mementos from a long travel career!  I'm hoping that, within this next week, I can whittle down to only the things I'll be taking with me in my RV.  The new range, oven, hood and sink will be delivered Wednesday and the kitchen remodeling will be underway.  I've promised the renters I'll be completely out by the 26th - whew!  I'm glad I've programmed in only a 160 mile jaunt to my son's house where I'll park for a few days or so to get used to my new RV lifestyle.

Oh, speaking of Miss Flair, when I drove her home from Camping World I left the headlights on when I parked - first learning issue.  There's no warning that the lights haven't been turned off - so yesterday, no battery, not even a sound when I turned the ignition key!  I waited until this AM to call AAA for a jump-start and they should be here any time now!  I'm so happy this happened in my own front yard and not in some wilderness area of National Forest!

The next big decision-making and packing or disposing of 'stuff' will be my knitting and crochet cache, my clothes, and my office stuff.  I like to function as electronically as possible; but, I know there are some paper records I need to have at my disposal; and, I'll need a few things to make a little office in the RV.  Suggestions for things to take in the RV are welcomed.

10:30 AM - AAA showed up in just over 30 minutes and charged the battery.  I left the motor running for about 45 minutes as the battery had been completely dead; then turned it off, waited about a minute and turned it back on - Yippee!  All better!


  1. I've left my lights on before - not a good thing... :-(

    Someone who had a full-time RV-ing lifestyle once told me that when you purchase something new when traveling you have to "get rid" of something.

    I pack WAY too many clothes and especially shoes. However, I'm a country western, ballroom, and Argentine Tango dancer so I need something nice (black goes with everything) to wear as well as proper shoes. I try to find places to dance when I'm traveling and sometimes have had "great times!"

    It seems that I try to take "everything with me" on the road. I need to remember if I really need something they "DO" have it outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico... ;-)

  2. I think the desert diva belongs to a travel group (WINS) MP, you might consider joining. You would learn a great deal about Rving and camping. Jack

  3. carries a portable jump start kit, portable air compressor for flat tires, extra set of keys hidden somewhere, and she put solar panels on her towing truck for electricity when boon docking. Check her blog out. She made lots of mistakes from which she learned.

  4. Thanks, Rita and Jack. I'll check her blog and will check with Cheryl (Desert Diva) about that travel group WINS too.

  5. Make sure all your batteries are up to date. You don't want to pay some outrageous price for a battery when you're out on the road. Batteries usually have dates on them.
    Run your generator and while it's running, turn on the roof AC to make sure both are in good working order.

  6. Thanks, Rita. I think the 'orientation' at camping World was worth the $49 for me because we went over all the battery and generator stuff and I think I'm clear on it. However, it was after the orientation that I inadvertently forgot to turn off the headlights when I got home and had a dead battery as a result! That's fixed and I'm developing a list of Do's and Don't's for starting up and shutting down.