Monday, July 8, 2013

Fleetwood Flair Names .....

Monday PM:

My young friend, Danielle, came this morning and packed about 8 or 9 boxes of dishes, knick-knacks, wall decor, etc.  She's coming back tomorrow for more of the same; it's starting to look pretty sparse in here - bare cupboards, walls, closets, etc.

I'm taking a moment to start thinking about possible names for "Miss Flair," the interim name I've been using.  My good and long-time friend, Dee, who I caught up with in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico earlier this year, has suggested the name, "Floribunda."  In his email this morning, he said ....

"Got to do better than 'Miss Flair' for a name.  That's like naming your cow 'Bossy' or your dog 'Pal'.   A rig for outrageous travels needs an outrageous name."

So I've been sitting here thinking about 'flower' names and their meanings; here are a few I've come up with in addition to Dee's "Floribunda" - referring to 'many flowering roses' ....

2)  Flora's Bell - or Flora-belle - without pretentiousness
9)  Orchid - mature charm

10)  Magnolia Flair

11)  Adeona - Roman goddess of travelers and journeys

12)  Ms. Flair (different than Miss Flair)

I have a couple I particularly like, but I thought I'd ask for opinions.  I'm also open to more suggestions.  I'd thought of giving a butterfly name - after the name of my blog - but haven't found one that's just right...


  1. SPIRIT - You certainly have an adventurous one!

  2. DESNA - Desna is the goddess of travel and journies!

  3. Thanks, everybody. I'll add Fanny, Spirit and Desna to the list. It's so hard right now to come up with THE name. You know, when you name a baby, s/he kind of grows into the name; but naming an adult RV is a challenge 'cause I don't KNOW her that well - yet!

  4. HI Mary Pat,

    I like the simplicity of IRIS and I think wisdom and valor say it all. Just my humble opinion

  5. As I read your entry, I was sure you were going to say "Flairabunda"!

  6. I like Miss Floribunda but a butterfly name would be perfect.

  7. Ms. Magnolia Flair

    Adeona - (Roman) Goddess of journeys, protector of travelers

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Lynnie. 'Ms. Flair' seems more sophisticated than 'Miss Flair.' I'm ind of feeling like I'm going to have to digest the suggestions and choose 'her' name after I've started living in her.

  9. I also have a 2001 Fleetwood Flair. Mine is the 31A

  10. I just checked out the photo of you in front of the Flair. Really nice rig. I'm so looking forward to beginning this new adventure in my Flair. Every time I walk out of the house to stow something in the Flair, my dog, Lacy, runs out and jumps in - she wants to make sure I don't leave without her!

    This evening I checked out the AC while running the generator - no problem. I live in hot country - Central Valley of California; but even for us, this current heat wave is HOT. The interior of the rig was 104 F. when I turned on the generator and AC at about 7:30pm; in 20 minutes it was down to 96 degrees - pretty good I think.
    I'm not stressing on how completely organized everything is in the rig, as I know I'll have plenty of time along the way to reorganize and work out the fine points of living in it for a long long time.

  11. I think you need to wait a bit! You wont know the Rvs personallity until you make a trip. Ms. Flair seems to be about right for now!