Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Home Sweet Home At Last

Wednesday the 17th - Kate's due date!

After moving the furniture and a myriad of boxes Sunday I've been taking it a little easier the last couple of days.  I moved into Miss Flair on Monday and drove her to my great friends, Bob and Judy's ranch.  So, we're 'living' in Loomis for the next while.  There're still lots of things to do with the house in Roseville, but staying out here is a real treat .....  Judy and I worked together at Kaiser Permanente; she retired at a much earlier age than me; then, she went right out and found Bob - they've been married  over a year now.  They are like family to me and have been so wonderful during this prep for my upcoming adventure.

 Here is the Chihuahua brigade:  Max, Marty, Dusty and Lily - not necessarily in order of left to right - I'm just beginning to know how to tell them apart.  Bob and Judy, like me, are animal lovers, as you'll notice below

Feeding time in Judy and Bob's wonderful ranch kitchen.

Lush gardens all around the house - four acres of beauty, natural and cultivated.

 They have their own gaggle of geese who live here year round; there are two large ponds where Judy's grandkids fish for big-mouth bass.

 And, here's their new RV park - only one camper.  I'm loving it here; it's so peaceful

This is our view up the drive to the house.  We all have our privacy and togetherness - when we want it.  I didn't get a shot this morning, but Lacy is busy visiting the five llamas and two beautiful riding horses.  Judy has always been a horse fanatic; lo and behold, she met Bob, who is too!  Bob has lived on the ranch for 20 years or more.  When Judy arrived on the scene they began, and have almost completed, lots and lots of building, remodeling, landscaping and beautifying.  It is gorgeous.

 This is the view of the lower pond from taken from my view in the RV.  You can imagine
                     how much irrigation it takes to maintain this green - when the daily temperatures are
                     usually over 100!  Sprinklers are going someplace on the property at almost all hours of
                     day and evening.      

Finally, this is the view of the horse barns and my rig from the house.  I'm getting ready to leave to head to Roseville (about 13 miles) to continue working on the house.  Kari and the triplet girls are going to help today - after we have a nice lunch out somewhere close by.

That's it for now!


  1. You have moved into paradise. A perfect place to make the transition from one home to another. Glad you are taking things somewhat easier.

  2. Thanks and I hope things are going okay for you - in this difficult time. thoughts and prayers.