Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday in Loomis and Roseville

7/21/13  8:30PM

I haven't been blogging too much because it seems every day is just more packing, stowing, storing, donating and disposing.  And, we've had an unusually hot couple of weeks, which hasn't been any help at all.

This morning I woke up on Judy and Bob's ranch to these wonderful views from Miss Flair .....

Horses grazing right next to the RV - that's Mindy in the foreground and Pollyanna further back.  Bob and Judy are avid horse people and these beautiful quarter are the results of their care and love.

This is one of their five llamas (pronounced ya-mas) eating leaves from the weeping willow tree at the side of one of the ponds on the property.  I took this photo at about 6:30AM; the other llamas seemed to all be lying down - still.  If I remember correctly, this is 'Geronimo.'

Judy and I drove over to my house early; she drove the ranch truck for more loading of Goodwill and storage stuff.  We worked very diligently for about four hours, and got almost everything either to storage, the RV, Goodwill or the dumpster; then we totally wilted because of the heat - only bout 97 degrees while we were  working.   The house is empty save for some little "stuff" that needs mainly to go in the garbage; and, it certainly needs to be vacuumed and spiffed up.  

I am so tired of this project; all this storage of belongings may be for naught; if I truly love the RV lifestyle, I'll never have room for reclaiming the stuff!  I've even decided I'm going to gradually whittle down that which I felt I "have to have" in the RV.  This is probably the most disenchanted I've ever been with STUFF.  Ugh!

Jennifer and Jason, the renters, started moving some things into the house today; they're very excited and I'm happy to have them there.  I think this may be a win-win situation.  [I've still not received any of the rent owed by the previous renters - I suspect they've forgotten all about owing it!]

I'm exhausted right now, but do want to share some of my "learning experiences with regards to the RV; I'm on a steep learning curve."  More about that in the next blog.


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  2. Soon you will be free! Yep, we feel so much better without all that stuff. It's amazing how much easier life is without it all. Looks like a lovely place to wake up too!


  3. Of course you are exhausted, you are in the midst of life changing moments. I think for the next while you need to know that your 'stuff' is there if you want it. Strangely I think that it gives you a certain freedom.

  4. When it's hot, I have no energy or motivation to do anything! Hang in there, freedom's coming! :-)

  5. Thanks everybody. I can hardly wait to get going - only a little over a week if all goes well and the creek don't rise!

  6. Hi Mary-Pat, I linked to your site from Desert Diva and have enjoyed reading about your upcoming RV adventure. I saw this quote on one of your blogs and love it - "When I get all tied up in myself, life becomes a very small package." I wish you much happiness, exciting adventures and safe travels.

    1. Hi Sheila:
      Thanks for your wishes. I'm getting to know Cheryl through her blog and our emails. I'll take a look at yours as soon as I get off here. I had sayings like the one you quoted above my desk. They were always there when I needed them; although I'm sad to say, I wasn't always able to put the advice to good use - but they helped. That's life!

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