Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Change of Life - Style" ... Update

Thursday morning ....  These last few days have literally flown by.  I've had help with packing and regardless of how much STUFF I'm giving away to friends, family and Goodwill Industries, etc., there are still boxes and boxes that are now, or will be going, into the storage unit.  My wonderful friend, Judy, was here all day yesterday; she packed boxes and boxes of breakable things and we delivered about 15 boxes of books, dishes and knick-knacks to the climate-controlled storage unit that's located about four miles from the house.  We were exhausted, hot and maybe a little smelly by the end of the day, but I love her for her enthusiastic help.  And, we had several ginger ale and coke breaks; as well as a nice big hamburger break at Mel's Diner in Roseville.

My daughter, Kari, newly returned from their vacation in Cancún, advises, "Just give away all those cookbooks.  You'll never miss them"  I just cannot do that.  As I continue publishing this blog I like to gradually jot down self-relavations as they come to me.  One I'll share now is that I read cookbooks i much the same fashion as most people read a good novel.  I love recipes and, in some ways feel gratitude, in that I can simply read a recipe and know whether or not I'd actually like the taste of the dish!  I count that as a developed talent, after having read umpteen trillion recipes and actually cooked / baked up about half umpteen trillion!

My cookbooks, for me, are like that special novel you read thirty years ago and still think about it today.  Or maybe it's the special book that some people like to re-read over and over throughout the years.  I don't very often re-read a novel, but I certainly do cookbooks.  Additionally I do love to cook and bake and am forever trying new and interesting concoctions as I wander through those books and the World.

Back to the project at hand - moving.  Yesterday some of the new kitchen appliances arrived; they've hanging out in the garage until the mini-remodel of the kitchen commences later this week, I hope.  I've decided that I'm going to move into Miss Flair this weekend, it'll become quite uncomfortable in the house with no cooking / eating utensils and dishes, and very little in the rest of the house too.  I have four guys lined up for Sunday, along with a U-Haul truck and a pick-up.  They'll move my bedroom set, dining room set, large entertainment console and the rest of the boxes to the storage facility.  Then I'll have almost two weeks to clean, with the help of a fantastic daughter, daughter-in-law and friend, Judy.

Today I'm here solo, tasked with separating and packing clothing and all my knitting and crocheting inventory and supplies.  These are tasks I can't delegate as I need to make the decisions.  I also need to do a few errands, a couple of merchandise returns, renting the truck, having my new bike rack installed on the rig, etc......

Here she is, in the heat of the day, waiting patiently for the commencement of our adventure
Most of the family has seen her now - they're very happy for me and are already coming up with suggestions regarding meeting up with us at some point(s) during our adventure

Mimi and Addison, age 18, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2010
Addison is my granddaughter who recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University this year. she's currently setting up her first "on-her-own" household in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she's begun her contract with "Teach For America" after having received her teaching credential in a whirlwind 6 week course at Arizona State University in Tempe.  I'm so proud of this young woman.


  1. You are one very busy lady, MP!! We are very excited for all your new changes in life. Keep some of those cookbooks. They sound like you derive lots of enjoyment out of them!! Keep on packing lady!!! Love the picture of you and Addison. You have an amazing relationship with your grandchildren and I plan on following your lead!!

  2. You're going to love your new RV and lifestyle. By the way, what did you do with your Toyota Dolphin?

  3. Did you get my email answer to your question, Cheryl? My Daphne Dolphin is 'residing' at my son, Jeff's, house. I've made a little deal with him .... I'm giving him some money for materials, etc. for repairs needed; then he'll put it up for sale on craigslist or eBay and after I take a certain price, whatever over that is his for his trouble. It's actually in great shape - all new tires this year, new shocks front and rear, lots of tender loving care ... I'm going to miss her, but this Flair is really incredible for me!