Friday, July 5, 2013

Really Getting on with Preparations

Just returned from R.C.Willey where I purchased a nice new range, oven and hood for my kitchen mini remodel.  Also met this AM with the couple who will be moving into my house while I'm out galavanting around North America.  I think I'll take some before and after pix of my little kitchen's 'update.'

I've lived in so many houses and so many varieties of kitchen set-ups; actually I'm amazed at how satisfying it has been to me to function in my little Daphne Dolphin galley.  I baked bread, cakes, cookies, pies and you name it in that teeny space - and pretty much loved every minute of it.  And, when I bought this cute little house in Roseville late in 2009, I thought to myself that I was kind of regressing in the matters of up-to-the-minute kitchen innovations, etc.  But I've thoroughly enjoyed my little kitchen work space and wouldn't have given a thought to changing anything; however a while ago one of my granddaughters was holding on the the edge of the tile counter - and it fell off in her hands!

So, in order to rent the house I thought I'd better put a little money into repairing the broken tile pieces.  Well, along came Jennifer and Jason, newly engaged, wanting to rent my home.  Jason is in the granite countertop construction remodeling business.  When I'd decided to rent the house I budgeted for repairs needed; so Jason, Jennifer and I have now worked out a process that looks to be very beneficial for all concerned.  The kitchen will be getting a nice 'face lift' with granite counter tops, a new stove, hood and sink.  They'll have a nice house to live in and I'll have a nice house to rent ..... Photos to come as we go along ....

I'm planning to be completely out and living in my RV by the 26th of July; not sure now exactly where my yard will be at that time, but I'll be on my adventure as soon as I sleep in the Flair!

Here's Miss Flair just waiting patiently outside my front door.  First thing tomorrow morning we're heading to Camping World to have the rear view camera installed and a few other little things.  They told me to expect it to take about 4 hours total, so I just decided to take my computer and stay there while they get her 'done up.'


  1. I can't believe how quickly this is all coming together for you.

    Maybe we'll cross paths on the road this summer...

    1. I'd like it if we could cross paths. where are you heading?

  2. Sounds like a great deal that you have arranged with your new tenants. It's sorta like the deal our daughter and son-in-law have with the house they rent. Justin is a carpenter so he can fix stuff up as needed.


  3. Yes, you know, Kevin, that when it's right things just seem to fall into place. I'm getting really excited; but there's still a lot of hard work getting the house ready. As for the RV, things are going smoothly - just had the back up camera installed - it's nice for driving too, especially in traffic.