Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Afternoon ... It must be Loomis - still!

Just thought I'd check in with a short post.  Miss Floribunda Flair remains at Future Fleet in Roseville for a third day.  I dropped in yesterday afternoon to see what  they'd found that needed attention.  Interestingly, they didn't find anything other than what the seller had included on the nice spreadsheet he prepared for me.
So, here's the list of repairs / maintenance that should be completed by tomorrow:

  • Engine tune-up
  • Air and fuel filter replacement
  • Transmission service
  • Generator oil and filter change (done at Camping World 2 weeks ago)
  • Recharge the chassis air conditioner
  • P/A belt
  • Replace dual 6V deep cycle batteries
The seller thought it might need transmission hoses sometime in the near future, but Future Fleet said they're fine.  Also, he thought it might need a brake fluid flush and replacement, but they said not for another 3-4K miles.

I'll add all this work and the current mileage indication to the spreadsheet and I feel like I have a better handle on the condition at this time.  Hopefully, the rig will be ready for pick-up sometime tomorrow.  I've been staying in the guest bedroom at the ranch with Lacy and the two kitties; I'll feel more comfortable and less of a nuisance when I move back into my house on wheels.

My new Smart Car, Petunia, has an appointment for installation of her tow bracket on the 7th of August.  I did more research and think I'm getting a fair estimate for the project.  Maybe I could have it done for less, but since this is my first foray into towing a dinghy I'm happy to pay for the assurance that the electrical components will work properly, etc.  Thank you to all who offered advice; I really appreciate it.

One more little 'snag' is that for this long trip I need to buy enough "Dailies" disposable contact lenses for a year, unless I find a spot where I can have them mailed.  In my lifetime I've been blessed with 20/20 vision; but, of course, I now need correction for accommodation due to 'advanced age'(!).  I wear only one contact lens for reading, knitting, etc; but, lately I've noticed a little blurriness when driving and trying to read street signs, etc.  So, this afternoon I went to have my eyes checked to see if there're any changes since my last exam in December 2012.  At that time they'd told me there hadn't been any changes in ten years.  Well, this afternoon the doctor found that I'm developing an astigmatism in my left eye (the one that doesn't use a contact lens), which is causing a slight hindrance in clarity at a distance.  So, tomorrow I'm going to the optician to be 'fitted' for a different type of contact lens, one for astigmatism.  I need to try it for a few days and then order a supply if it proves beneficial.  Because of my affiliation with Kaiser Permanente, it behooves me to get whatever lenses are necessary from them - much less expensive.

Again, no really interesting RV photos, but thought you might enjoy seeing the beautiful pond flowers right outside Bob and Judy's front door .....

Bob and Judy have two lovely ponds on their ranch.  This one is literally outside the front door; the second is in one of the pastures; both are frequented by geese, herons, raccoons, llamas and horses.  This upper pond is FULL of gorgeous vegetation, which Bob thins out about three times a year.  The koi are huge and actually move the plants around while they're swimming.  there are also large-mouth bass in the lower pond - great fishing for grandchildren!

Another shot of the front yard. All boulders are natural and some are absolutely huge.  Gives pause to what may have occurred here a billion years ago!

Here's Lacy managing all activities in the yard.  Lacy is usually NOT a very adventurous canine, on her own.  She's definitely not a loner.  But, here she 'asks' to go out where she monitors the bunnies' hutch, the llamas and the horses to some extent.  These shots were taken after dinner last night.


  1. Beautiful shots, just love the photo of Lacy! Up until recently my vision was stable and I managed all these years without glasses. I have mono-vision, which has served me well. Lately, I need glasses to read. My husband and I call it the marching on of time. Good luck with your new contacts, the RV repairs and the installation of the tow bar! Sheila

  2. So happy to hear that everything is working out with the motorhome and that they didn't find any surprises. I bet you are excited to get on the road and start your new adventure.


  3. We leave Loomis tomorrow for the long drive to Antelope Road and I-80....wonder if we can do this in one day? (lol)

    Although we never did it, I know that I talked to many RV Parks and they typically will accept UPS and FedEx shipments if you are, or have registered to stay at the park in the near future. I don't think you would have a problem getting a three month supply sent to you from time to time....perhaps a six month supply for when you are in Canada.

    Hope they get your motorhome up to standard for your trip. I "think" I saw you in Raleys or Walmart the other day, but by the time I realized it was you, if it was you, it was about 10 minutes too late....but when I saw your post "Stitchin' Bitches" the other day and saw that picture I was pretty sure it indeed was you. --Dave (

    1. I'm sorry we didn't meet. Are you going to be at Antelope and I-80 for a while. Maybe I could stop by on one of my forays into Sacto. I was at Point West Kaiser today and passed by Antelope and I-80. If not in this time we'll meet somewhere along the way. Do you travel full-time?

    2. We don't consider ourselves full-timers, but we are out for an extended time...not planning to be back in Florida until late 2014. Until mom and dad move over by my sisters, we will be tied up helping them move...most likely you will be on the road yourself by the time this all ends. But if you are delayed, we would be happy to have you over and meet with you. If not this time, perhaps in the future. --Dave

  4. Floribunda Flair ??? Bahaha, love the name!

  5. You are almost done. I am sure that once you actually get on the road you will feel so free.

    1. Thanks for all your words of wisdom. I do feel like I'm almost there and can't wait. I think I'll want to just get somewhere and settle down to enjoy my new life.

  6. Wow, it sounds like you have everything under control. Kudos to you!

    As for your contacts, if you know you're going to be in an area for a few days you can have them mailed general delivery and pick them up at a post office. (This is easier to do in a small town with only one post office.)

    Wow, are you in Dave's neck of the woods? :-)