Friday, July 12, 2013

Remember, Mary-Pat, Butterflies are Free!!!!

Friday, July 12th - 3PM

I did it! I actually starting work in the  garage about 7:30 AM this morning - in the cool, cool, cool of the morning.  I've headed out there innumerable times in the last two weeks; but I can scarcely get started and then it's too darn hot!

 There are several special-interest areas in which only I can sort through, make decisions and piles and save, toss, give away, donate or sell the results.  Let's see, there was my personal clothing, dishes, knick-knacks, art work, furniture, rugs, household equipment (who really needs five vacuum cleaners?), sporting equipment, books (I've already mentioned the number of cookbooks), cooking equipment - Cuisinarts, blenders, ice cream makers, slow cookers, fast cookers, baking pans, casserole dishes, pie weights, rolling pins, bowls, spoons, toasters, raclette party cooker, tagine, frying, stewing, boiling pans, Ebelskiver pan, yogurt maker, cherry pitter, coffee pots (3 large), coffee serving pots (3), boxes and boxes of family photo albums and loose photos, etc.  You name it - if it's an interest, a hobby or a need-to-know that I have, I have every conceivable accoutrement imaginable.  Once again, it's all just STUFF!

Today I really laid in to the collections of STUFF previously relegated to the garage and unseen by these two eyes for at least two years.   I retired at the end of August, one year and eleven months ago, left for Guatemala a week or so later, and have essentially been 'on the road' ever since.  Not seeing all of it for all that time and I didn't die or even get sick missing THINGS!

So, the BIG project for today was going through about a million skeins [balls] of yarn, partially finished knit and crochet projects, pattern books and knit/crochet magazines, needles (circular, straight, long, short, single and double-pointed, hooks, special scissors, measuring instruments, row
counters .... the list goes on.  [I actually learned how to knit and crochet as a small child.  I remember carrying crocheted booties projects in my lunchbox to grammar school.  We lived on a little ranch and I had several cats who, of course, needed booties and bonnets.  I made lots of "interesting" things back in those days; one project was a pair of knitted argyle socks for my dad.  I knitted the first sock in navy blue with pink, white and baby blue in the argyle pattern; then I got tired of that color scheme so knitted the second sock in light blue with navy blue, pink and white in the argyle pattern!  My retired Army Colonel Dad actually wore those socks - proudly - I think mainly when he mowed the lawn!]

Well, I sat on a foot stool amongst umpteen plastic bins of yarn and made decisions as to what stays / gets tossed / is given away or goes with me on my adventure.  As it stands right now, I'm taking about four projects to work on along the way; three large plastic bins of very valuable yarn will go into storage; I gave a large Hefty bag of yarn to my neighbor, Bobbi, who's daughter is teaching her granddaughter to crochet; and, I gave two Hefty bags of yarn to Goodwill Industries.

Kari showed up about an hour ago with Avery, Tate (girls of the triplets), Malia and Samantha (twins of my son, Jeff); we all loaded Kari's SUV with donations that we delivered to Goodwill Industries.  I feel so much lighter and freer!  Maybe a little like this Blue Morpho Butterfly .....

                             File:Blue morpho butterfly.jpg
Tomorrow morning - again early - I'll venture out to the garage again to tackle dining entertainment, cooking and baking equipment.  Does anybody need pie or cake pans?  Tablecloths?  Giant glass salad bowls?  50 - 75 buffet plates and goblets?  Oh, I need another bowl of ice cream!


  1. You're too funny! It will all come together - you'll see!

  2. Once you get started it just keeps getting easier and you will start feeling freer. I remember that feeling oh so well and that was almost 6 years ago now and the only thing I have missed were my photos. I started scanning them and have gotten about half way through and that was about a year and a half ago. Just haven't had time back in Ottawa since to do any more. One day I will get caught up on everything and will start on some more.


  3. when I retired, the first thing I did was clean house. In the process, I got rid of a lot of stuff. My business suits all went out the door along with my high heel shoes! I went through my storage shed and my daughter snagged all the extra pots, pans, baking dishes, cookie cutters,tumblers, pot holders, dish towels and even travel bags on wheels. It just so happen my daughter bought her house shortly after I retired. She even got extra turkey roasters, crock pots, coffee makers, utensils, etc. I accumulated all these items as gifts over the years but rarely used. I got rid of a lot but still my storage shed looks like a land fill. I still have Xmas decorations, camping equipment, winter blankets & clothes, and things are not replaceable i.e. photos, my kids school rewards, trophies, papers, grade cards, drawings. I made a spread sheet to show where I can find stuff. Even though I got rid of a lot, I still have a lot. I still have crates of clothes to give away (my sisters love to go through my cast offs to recycle) or donate. I think it's a never ending'll always be down sizing. I don't buy 'stuff' anymore. Doing good so far.

  4. How I can identify with your down-sizing experiences. You're right, for me it doesn't look like I'll ever be completely free of the need to down-size from time to time. As I stowed clothing in the RV today, I kept feeling like something was missing. It was the suits, dresses and high heeled shoes. Now, it's shorts, cargo pants, tees and sandals. Yippee. However, as I pack boxes to store, I'm reminded that it will eventually be my kids and grandkids who''ll maybe want to know where "whatever that thing was Mimi had in hanging over her fireplace." A spreadsheet sounds like a good idea - another project for those rainy days when it'll be pleasant to stay inside the RV.
    Yesterday, after so many days of separating belongings, my daughter and I drove to my local Goodwill Industries donation location; I hadn't known this , but it is only about .5 mile from my house! I'm encouraged to keep going as it's so easy to get the stuff out of my line of vision quickly. The young man at Goodwill pulled out a large cart and loaded it from Kari's car - how convenient. I had made an extensive list of goods; he simply gave me a receipt and I'll have the lists saved for my tax prep next year. Piece of cake!!

  5. It'll get easier and easier.