Sunday, July 7, 2013

Miss Flair's New Back-up Camera

Sunday PM

Rita asked this morning if I could post some photos of the new back-up camera I had installed yesterday at Camping World in Rocklin, CA. so here goes ....

The unit is Voyager WVOSS11 Digital Wireless Observation System, featuring WiSight [trademark] technology, by ASA Electronics in Elkhart, IN.

 I had thought they should mount this on the dash, but the installer said it would be easier to see and less invasive to install as you see it here.  I'm glad he suggested it as it's very convenient, yet unobtrusive.

 The little camera and microphone is mounted right in the center back of the rig.  The microphone picks up voices telling you to "Stop now!" and I also noticed yesterday that, while I was on the freeway, I heard a highway patrol siren lots sooner than I normally do!  [He was just passing!]

And, here's a close-up of the camera on the rear.
It was $649 [regular price $899] and $89 [regularly $99] for installation.  Oh, I notice on the invoice, there are a couple of other charges for clamps, protective cover and sealant [about $20 for all].  Some of the wired units have multiple cameras and the monitor has the ability to have split views.  They are very expensive and I'm sure very nice for some of the really long / big rigs; but we're talking 25 feet here!
It's a color monitor and the picture resolution seems very clear to me; I haven't tried it at night yet; I hardly ever drive the rig after dark.


  1. Very nice..compact...I thought it'd be a huge monitor type thing. I saw a cartoon which showed a trailer with balloons attached to the rear bumper used as back up warning...they pop LOL!

  2. Very funny! I guess it could work!