Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friday sunset entered Saturday morning

Here's the sunset picture from last evening.  I've noticed how much the sky fascinates me these last two years; first in Guatemala where I felt like I was living in the clouds, because at that altitude I was!  Now I've so enjoyed 'keeping track' of quotidian changes in clouds and color ....

Jeff and Alice own 5 acres, most of which is left in its natural wonder.  They have probably hundreds of oak trees, lots of grasses, manzanita bushes - and you can't see another house from their property.  It feels very serene and peaceful. 

My tentative plan for today is to continue to reorganize Daphne; but this morning I'm going to borrow Alice's car to run some errands like purchasing a new glass Mr. Coffee pot as I dropped mine several weeks ago and wasn't able to find a replacement in Mexico.  I'm also on the lookout for  bins and storage containers that'll work well in the RV.  I've found that when I tend to compartmentalize 'stuff' it's easier to keep track of, at least for me.  Also, because Mexico was my first real RV trip, I'm discovering that I have not always used space to its best advantage.

Like everything in life, this is a work in progress .....


  1. Love your sunset!

    Try looking at the Thrift Shops for a replacement coffee pot. I often see some there. I like having our stuff in boxes or containers too, definitely makes it easier for storage and for finding stuff!


    1. Thanks Ruth. How are things going this weekend?

  2. I like to boil my coffee (cowboy coffee?) seems to taste better and nothing to break. Also better to boondock with as no power needed.

  3. Oh, I hadn't thought of that. To boil I measure the ground coffee and water; then boil it in a saucepan and strain into the mug?

  4. Cowboy Coffee should never be boiled. Place coarse grounds and water in pot and heat to just below boiling ( about 200 F). Pour off coffee leaving grounds behind or strain through filter. I think the French presses make a great cup of coffee.

    Boiling coffee is sure to make it bitter.

  5. I use to have a french press and loved the coffee - where is the French press now???????? So, I'll try your instructions and thanks.

  6. Guess I know nothing of cowboy coffee! I simply put water and coffee into a pot (thanks REI) and boil for 6".
    Super black coffee!