Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Morning - Mesa, Arizona - Cinco de Mayo

5/5  Happy Cinco de Mayo to all

Just got off the phone after a long long conversation with my friend, George.  We met a couple of months ago at Hacienda Contreras in Valle de Juarez, Jalisco, Mexico - and have since become great buddies with lots in common.  We seem to be able to begin a conversation - and then PRESTO, two hours have gone by with nary a lull.
George will be traveling to California early next month, but unfortunately we won't be able to connect. Oh, well, we'll just continue as we are - email, blogpost and phone friends - we seem to crunch an awfully large amount of information exchange in our phone and email conversations.

I also just received an email from a high school friend of mine - I've reconnected with several girlfriends from high school - wow - over 50 years ago - after not having seen or communicated with them for 50 years!  When my HS reunion occurred a couple of years ago, I decided to drive from Roseville to San Jose to attend, knowing full well that nobody would remember me!  RUBBISH!  As I entered the conference room of the hotel where the luncheon was being held, I heard, "Hey, Ryan [maiden name], how're ya' doin'?"  It was like a time warp - I was Ryan and they were Gorman, Jackson, Kayser, Byrnes, etc., etc.  I 'knew' each one instantly and they felt the same about me!

It appears that, as time goes by, everything and everybody changes AND everything and everybody remains the same!  I am really pleased and am enjoying how, as I get older, I continue to learn so many new things - and I can revisit old experiences with a new perspective.  That's how I feel about rekindling my friends from my teen-aged years.  Certainly we'll all led different lives, had different education, experiences, families, etc.  But, within, we not only recognize one another, but can kind of pick up from where we left off - AND we can do it with the acceptance of the differences as well as the similarities we share.

Enjoyed another day of galavanting throughout two or three malls with Betsy, the mother of my son-in-law, David.  We commented today to one of the sales ladies we spoke with, that mother's-in-law are really not supposed to 'get along;' you know the mother of the wife (Kari) thinks the son-in-law (David) is not good enough for her daughter and the mother (Betsy) of the son-in-law feels the same about the daughter-in-law (Kari).  Well, in our case that just IS NOT TRUE.  We each hold the offspring of the other in high esteem - wow, that feels good.  I feel so blessed to really really love my children's chosen partners.  My oldest son, Jeff, has been very happily with Alice for over 30 years now!  And my daughter, Kari, and David have been married for going on 23 years.  Now, youngest son, Spencer, my world traveling vagabond is showing signs of having a lovely partner whom I haven't yet met.  But, I feel in my bones that she will be a wonderful addition to the menagerie - if that should come to pass.  I do hope to meet her sometime this year.  Spencer and Rachel are currently in Berlin; my understanding is that she's from Paris.  Who knows where or if they might settle down!

Spencer has always 'marched to a different drummer;' he decided very early in his life that he neither wanted to work for anybody else nor work a routine 8-5 job.  He's been very successful at avoiding either of those conditions.  I believe 2013 may be about his 12th year of continuous travel.  Earlier in this odyssey, he kind of used Bogota, Colombia as his base of operations.  In recent years that's not been the case; 2012 -13 has seen him spending , I think, most time in Germany - Hmmm, a woman?!
I am proud of all my kids and I support how they choose to live their lives.  I wish I could see them more often, but we all seem to refuse to change our individual adventurous ways; so, we do the best we can with what we've got!

I am so looking forward to seeing Jeff and Kari and their families - all of whom will be at Addison's graduation next week.  I only wish Spencer could be there too - Who knows?  He could surprise us!!!!

My then husband, John, and I agreed years ago - and I still believe it was the right decision for our family - that we wanted our children to become strong and independent people.  And, that's just what they've done.  Each of the three lives life differently that the other two; but each is doing well in his / her own way and is happy with the choices s/he has made.  I didn't mention that also attending the graduation will be all eight of my wonderful grandchildren - I am so lucky, blessed, happy, content .....


  1. Ruth went to her high school reunion a couple of years ago. She said that women hadn't changed much, but most of the men were overweight and bald!

  2. That is such a lovely post, MP. You have every right to be a very proud momma!!

    1. Thanks Nancy. I am proud of all of them and am looking forward to seeing at least two of them at Addison's graduation.