Monday, May 6, 2013

Mesa, Arizona Sunset

7:20PM  5/6/13

Last evening in Apache Palms RV Park in Mesa, Arizona.  Will leave tomorrow AM for Indio, CA or thereabouts.  I emailed about a reservation in Indio but when the man returned my call he said that the site would be $50 for one night - a little steep I'd say, especially for May.  I declined and said I'd check out some other RV Parks.  I'm thinking I won't bother with a reservation but just drive in to Indio and hope my luck holds out.  Other parks advertise $36/night.  And, I really don't think they'll be very full; about 3/4 of the rigs that were in this park left today.  Weekdays shouldn't be busy while schools are still in session - and this is desert country practically all the way to Playa del Rey.

Here're a couple of sunset pix taken just a few minutes ago.....

 Today was a beautiful day - not too hot - about 84 degrees - no high winds but a nice breeze.  There are some clouds with a possibility for rain within the next couple of days.  Remember that in this desert clime, July and August are the big rain months of the year; whereas in Northern CA we'd be pretty surprised with any rain from May or June until about November.

Taken looking west from the RV.  See the airplane below the clouds?  I've seen lots of air traffic heading in and out of Sky Harbor Airport - but there's certainly not much noise.  Yeah!

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