Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday evening - Cottonwood

May 17, 2013

First full day in my RV on Jeff's property.  I'm hooked up to water and electricity but will have to drive out in several days to find a dump station.  I spent a lot of time today cleaning and rearranging cupboards and the one closet.  I find it so interesting how often I've 'rearranged' my belongings.  As my RV-living experience grows I find more convenient ways to physically organize and reduce my belongings.

I tell myself several times a day, "Self, this doesn't have to all be completed today."  And, if I change my mind about where and how something should be stored and / or used, so be it.  It's perfectly alright to make changes.  For most of my adult life I've been a victim of the disease called procrastination - mainly out of insecurity about the outcomes.  I'm enjoying this newish attitude I have about how to face life ... I can do something today, and change and do something else tomorrow - IF whatever the action is only makes alterations and maybe even more work in my own life - not the lives of others.

I do honor commitments; if I've accepted an invitation to a friend's house for dinner, I go.   But I'm losing that need to follow through on things JUST BECAUSE.  I may tell a friend that I'm very anxious to see a certain movie and plan to take myself to the movie theater this afternoon; then 20 minutes before the film is scheduled to begin, it's okay to decide that I'd rather stay home today.  Earlier in my life I would have felt the need to follow through with the plan - just because I told somebody about it!  That's crazy.  It's not necessary.

Malia and Samantha, my twin 13-year old granddaughters, are finishing 7th Grade this month.  This evening the went to a school dance.  It was casual dress; however, both girls spent time before the dance with an older girlfriend helping them curl their beautiful long hair so it would look special.  Of course I could be accused of being prejudiced, but they are both strikingly beautiful.  My daughter-in-law, Alice, is Filipina, so I'd described the girls' look as Eurasian.  They're olive complected with smooth beautiful skin, long silky dark hair and very pretty faces.  They are fraternal twins so each has her own particular beauty and personality.  I love those two so much - and Alice too.

August 2012:  L to R:
Mimi, Alice, Samantha and Malia
They came to visit me in Antigua, Guatemala for 10 days
We had such a wonderful time

I took a lovely sunset picture from their front yard this evening but left my camera in their house when I walked out to my RV - so the photo will have to be in tomorrow's blog.


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