Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let the celebration Begin...

5/9/13  8:30

Addison finished all her finals today - it's over!  Hopefully no professor will decide that she doesn't deserve to graduate - at this time and especially since she's graduating with honors!

Addy called early this afternoon and said she would pick up her mom (Kari) at LAX and then come and pick me up at the RV park; which they did - and we did some last minute shopping for her post graduation ceremony party given by the parents of the four girls who share Addison's house.  We also went out for an early dinner and Pink Berry yogurt for dessert.  Of course there was lots of girl talk about what we're all wearing to which activity .... I haven't had a conversation like this in months and months.  In Mexico it was try to be clean and wearing clean clothes - that's it!

This evening, just as we were returning here, another beautiful sunset presented itself.....
RVs are parked right next to the beach - about a foot off the sand!


  1. Congratulations to Addison! Love your sunset photo, such beautiful colours.


    1. Thanks guys. I'm kind of addicted to sunsets because I've seen and appreciated so many on this wonderful adventure. I usually try to avoid having 'man-made things' in the sunset photos but I like the idea of 'borrowing' the beauty in an RV and so included these rigs.
      I love being able to taut the wonders of my grandchildren; seems like as a 'Mimi' I get so many benefits and so little stress!

  2. My grandson graduates from Loyola Law school on May 19!!

    1. Hi Sail1942 - Congratulations to him - and to you. Isn't it great to be able to celebrate with them - even if we're not actually there? I wish him success and happiness - and most of all contentment.