Thursday, May 30, 2013

Netflix Finds.....

I just watched an incredible Netflix documentary, "Somewhere Between."  I had watched a National Geographic documentary, "China's Lost Girls" with Lisa LIng about the gender imbalance problem being caused in China, the most populous country on Earth, due to the "1 Family, 1 Child" rule [directive] that was put into place in 1979 in China.  Because the centuries-old cultural bias for a male child, hundreds of thousands of girl infants and children are abandoned in orphanages or even on the streets.  The gender imbalance at this time is striking; it will become staggering in a few short years.  The average size of a grammar school class in China is 39 students, 28 of whom are male.  What will happen when these young men become ready to take a wife and there aren't enough females to go around?  The  negative possibilities are so frightening.

Both the National Geographic, "China's Lost Girls" and the "Somewhere Between" are very worthwhile and thought-provoking documentaries.


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