Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Evening


Just came back into my RV after a nice steak dinner that ended a lovely day at Whiskeytown Lake.  As I've mentioned before my son, Jeff, and his family live in Cottonwood, which is about 20 miles south of Redding on I-5.  Whiskeytown Lake is located about 8 miles west of Redding off of CA 299 and is a National Recreation Area.

Many travelers in Mexico this year told me about the US Golden Age Pass and I've been wanting to purchase one but didn't hit any National Parks or Forests, etc. on my return from Mexico.  So, today I purchased my lifetime pass - yippee!  What a great deal - the daily use fee for Whiskeytown is $5.00 and I paid $10 for the lifetime pass.  That's my kind of deal!

Anyway, after a pleasant 40 minute ride I was there - it is really a beautiful part of this beautiful State and Country.  The area is part of the Trinity National Forest, which begins at the northern end of the San Joaquin Valley.  It is included in 'hot country' that I refer to in this blog.  Today it was a lovely 84-88 degrees F, which is about as perfect as perfect can be.  The lake temperature was a little chilly at about 69 degrees, but will warm up considerably in the next few weeks.  There are several self-contained campgrounds and an RV campground with water and electricity, if desired.  We have a kind of family tradition of camping (RVs, tents, trailers, etc. in the group) in various parts of the Trinity Alps every Summer - usually Jeff's family and that of my nephew, Gregg, do the camping bit several times each year between May and November.  Winter is short - there is rarely any snow - maybe a dusting every 2-3 years, but nothing lasting longer than a day or two.  And, it starts getting pretty warm early in the Spring.

Jeff's family bought a new boat (new for them) last year; this was my first outing with them.  Last Summer I was still in Guatemala.  Malia and Samantha, at 13, are really becoming quite proficient tubing and wake-boarding.  Today they took a friend with them and then we met up with the family of one of their school friends; so, I didn't try tubing - but plan to give it a go sometime soon.  When my kids were growing up we had various boats and we water-skiied a lot.  Everybody in the family is a good to excellent swimmer, so water included outings and vacations are plentiful.

Some pix:
 Jeff and kids just getting the boat into the water this morning

 This is the little cove where we put ashore.  My nephew, Gregg, and his wife have a party boat - kind of like a houseboat - lots of space to barbecue, sunbathe, etc. so I spent most of the day on their boat while Jeff spent most of the day working out those girls!

 Different views of the lake and the Trinity Alps in the background

Then, on the drive home, I noticed Mount Lassen.  It's located to the east and has snow all year.  Sometimes, on really hot days, it helps to just look at Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta, both of which are visible from almost anywhere around here.

 Mount Lassen

Also, when I got close to home I decided to take a picture of one group of bee-hives near Jeff's house.  I didn't know what the little 'chimneys' were - I was told there for water as this particular area doesn't have an all year water source nearby

These hives are new.  The beekeeper here has had bees for many many years - but was very badly affected by that mysterious problem of a couple of years ago.  For about two years there were no hives but there back now.  There's just something so wonderful about bee-hives.  I'm fascinated with them.  Gregg (my nephew) and his wife, Claudia, live in the foothills west of Redding in Igo Ono and have about 15 acres.  They shared today that they're going to start bee-hiving on their property.  I look forward to learning more about it.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing day! The recreation area looks beautiful. We overnighted once in the Walmart parking lot in Redding but we didn't have time to explore the area. One day soon, I hope.


  2. What a beautiful area for your family to nest. Love the pictures of lake and Mt. Lassen. From your blog, I sense a very loving family who enjoy time with one another.

  3. Thank you Rita. Yes, this is a beautiful part of the World; but then, there are so many wondrous places. Ah, that 'bucket list' of places to visit is long!
    Families are always a work in process but I love them all.

  4. Steak dinner! Yummm! I'm jealous.

    I camped, kayaked all over that area in the 1970s and 80s. Looked at Clear Creek which flows into Whiskeytown Reservoir. But never kayaked there because the rating is much too high for my skill level.

    Kayaked Trinity River though, northwest of Whiskeytown. Gorgeous place.

    Sounds like a great time for you, Mary-Pat!