Friday, May 17, 2013

On the Road Again......Can't wait to be on the road again!

May 16, 2013

Yup, after only two days at home I'm so anxious to start planning and preparing for my next adventure that I left this afternoon for the about 2 and a half-hour drive to Cottonwood.  I arrived at #1 son's house this evening - in a rain storm!  That's very unusual for mid-May here in hot, dry country.

 Heading North on I-5 I started to take note of not only the beauty of the clouds, but their color too.  Hmmm!

 I have to say I've become quite an aficionado of cloud types and formations; I find them fascinating.  Notice too that this country is flat but off in the distance North, East and West are ranges of mountains. Although not visible today, the drive in a northerly direction showcases beautiful Mount Shasta for miles and miles.  Also, to the East is Mount Lassen.  Often the temperature at highway level can be upwards of 100 degrees, but one can just take a glance at either Mt. Shasta or Lassen and see snow at any time of the year.
 The cloud formations were so interesting - notice the mountains in the background - this picture is towards the west

After turning off I-5 between Red Bluff and Redding, this is a photo of the road leading to Jeff's home. A little further along this road - Hooker Creek turnoff - there are a large number of bee-hives.  I understand that this particular honey is really delicious - I haven't tried it myself - yet!

Jeff and Alice followed the pack of Sherman immigrants to Tehama and Shasta Counties; they live on 5-acres with their daughters, Malia and Samantha.  Jeff actually left a very lucrative position with the United Postal Service data processing center in San Mateo to relocated here, believing that the culture is healthy for their children and their way of life.  

As one enters Tehama County on I-5 there's a sign (sorry I don't have a photo of it) identifying Tehama as the "Recreation Capital of California."  Jeff and Alice have lakes, rivers (like the Sacramento River that has its headwaters at Lake Shasta), wildlife preserves, fishing ... the list goes on.

I love visiting them and now that I can live in my own little house on wheels, I don't feel like I'm a burden on them.  I plan to work on Daphne Dolphin and spend some fun time with Jeff and his family - and my other relatives who live in this area.  There'll be more about the area and my family in blogs coming up.

Almost forgot to mention that it's only Lacy and me on this trip.  We left the kitties home with friends in the house as they're just now getting used to their new home - that doesn't move to a new yard every few days!


  1. In June, 2003, I began my RVing adventure, not too far from where your adventure is happening now. Oh my, what wonderful times those early adventures were for me!

    I can feel your excitement in your writing!


  2. All my life is an adventure, but this is just a local one - to my son's home. I'm going to be here for a couple of weeks working on Daphne Dolphin and getting her in tip-top shape for what's coming up even though I don't know what that is - yet.
    The idea of being able to visit without 'bothering' them is wonderful. I can see them, visit and participate, then walk 50 paces or so to my own home!

  3. Really liked the picture of your Mary Jane shoes from SMA. I have a pair of sandals that I ordered through "The Outer Soul" several years ago. How are the prices buying directly in SMA? I am so hoping to visit SMA next Winter and have a change to visit that shoe store. I love the sandals as my toes hate to be confined!

  4. I think the Mary Janes were like $45; reasonable, if they wear well. People like to comment on them because they're a little different than the norm. I bought a couple of pairs of work shoes (conservative with about a 2-inch heel) about two years ago in Oaxaca and received lots of ohs and ahs at work. They are a conservative style but very colorful.
    On the subject of SMA, I hadn't really had any desire to go there, thinking it to be very commercialized for gringos. Alas, I'm so happy I did - it was wonderful. Yes, there are lots of Canadian and US ex-pats - but they appeared to me to be really interesting people - artists, writers, etc. Any many of them have assimilated into the culture there having really relocated permanently.
    My wish when I travel to another culture is to learn about that culture, not more about my own - I can do that at home!