Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Wiles ...


Spent a good part of the day working on TurboTax - filing my 2012 return.  I'd filed for an extension while I was in Mexico to give myself time to return home, collect documentation for filing  and get started.  I've not used TurboTax previously but it appears to be fairly simple and straight forward.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that, even though I have an MBA, I've not done my own tax return since about 1965!!!

Along with the tax filing I'm also investigating refinance of my home - simply to lower monthly payments.  I'm in process of using my kids as sounding boards for possible changes in my home living situation.  I'm still letting the disappointing news about my Toyota Dolphin improvement impossibilities rumble around in my head.  I guess I could say I'm in a grand information-gathering mode of operation.  I'm even enjoying the process!!!  During all my career years my free time was so fractured I never felt I could sit on decisions; now I can.

Last evening I did some online research about possible replacements for Daphne Dolphin and even sent a few emails for more info.  Any comments about negatives and positives regarding not-too-big, probably, Class C motorhomes will be appreciated.  I really don't want or need a big rig - I'd say 25 feet in the max I'd be interested in.  Any input re:  Ford vs Chevy engines?


  1. We just purchased a 2012 23'no slides Coachman Freelander and just love it!!! It has a E-350 V-10 engine. It isn't the smallest. They make a 19' but we liked the lay out of this one better. You can Google them to see all the sizes and floor plans.

    1. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely check it out. Was your rig used?

  2. Two words: Lazy Daze

    If you want to know why, please join the Lazy Daze chat list at

    I am a co-moderator and will approve your application immediately.

    You will be glad you did! Oh, and yes, I am an owner of a Lazy Daze - since 1991 - and counting! You can see a picture of mine in the masthead at my blog.

  3. Hi ok
    First off don,t bum your self out
    There are dolphin rv clubs in your neck of the woods. north calf,
    I think it's
    Look in the forum and read the posts and ask about the things you would like to do
    Your best mounting on the front but do not cover the air flow
    A small class c would be good on gas but small in size as you know with yours
    Even if u. Bump up one size how much will you gain in floor size seems like only a seat or a couch look real hard as to how the bed and the bath is setup
    Try and stay a way from any rv that has a window on the front LEAKS
    You almost never hear of one that don,t ask mister G his is starting agin
    And if you buy spend the short $$ now and Do the corking now and keep it up each year it pays in the long run
    Note un less your looking to really down size sell or rent BUT keep a stick a brick
    For old age and to hang your hat (s)
    Now would you tell me the type of dog clippers your clipper told you to get we have the same size poodle at 35 $ we can do him and save
    Joy your day

    1. Thanks Mr. Ed and Miss Sheri. I'm looking seriously and taking into consideration all the great suggestions I'm receiving from folks like you two.

  4. There are only three class Cs that get five stars (the top rating) from the RV Consumer Group: Lazy Daze, Born Free, and Platinum. I wouldn't consider anything of lesser quality. After all, the point is to enjoy your travels--not deal with problems.

    Of those three brands, Lazy Daze is the least expensive, has the most standard features (e.g., generator, air conditioner, etc.), and has the best view from many large windows. LD currently offers two 24' floorplans, but has offered additional 23'/24' models in the past.

    I fulltimed for several years in a 22' 1982 "Twin/King" Lazy Daze--a floorplan they still offer--before upgrading to a 26.5' "Midbath" model some years ago, so I could have a full office. My 1985 is still on the road, on its fifth owner now. Heck, I have a good friend with a 1979 LD. They build those things to last!

    For more information, the Yahoo LD group Judie mentioned is both the friendliest and most knowledgeable group of RVers I've ever met. (I moderate the group.) You may also want to refer to the Lazy Daze Pocket Guide website that I put together:

    ...and my "Travels with Andy" website has plenty of information about both my Lazy Dazes, as well as lots of hints, tips and projects for any RV:

    No matter what you end up with, happy trails! :-)

    Andy Baird

    1. Thanks, Andy. I definitely am going to look into Lazy Daze. I am so glad I blogged about my frustrating day because I've received lots of great advice and some good websites to visit. I will also go to your blog. Thanks again