Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wisdom from my Granddaughter

I was catching up on all the excitement in my granddaughter, Addison's, life right now.  Her blog is if you'd like to take a look.  Anyway, she's just completed her graduation trip to Madrid, Rome, Paris and London - her photos are incredible.  But earlier this Spring she blogged about saying 'bye-bye' to her lovely little cottage she and three girlfriends rented this past school year.

I picked up some pretty important advice and am repeating it here:

A wall decoration for all to see:

Be Bold
Be thankful
Be quiet
Be original
Be spontaneous
Be punctual
Be a star
Be young
Be loving
Be crazy
Be loud
Be random
Be adorable
Be unique
Be daring
Be obnoxious
Be yourself

Well, I'm not sure about the 'be loud' and 'be obnoxious' but I certainly know I have been both of those at times in my life.  But the other instructions can't hurt any one of us!

Another sign:  Life's Short - Eat Cookies!!!  Gotta' love that!  Cookies may just be my FAVORITE FOOD group!


  1. Lovely granddaughters you have. Any grandsons? I love your blog...very interesting and transports me to a different world. You see I came from a very poor but very loving family. My parents died when I was 17...a month before graduation from high school. We, my siblings and I, raised ourselves from then forward. Some of us managed to get through myself. I love to travel and see how other folks live. I guess people and places interest me so much that I now follow a few blogs from around the world. So thank you for allowing me into your, virtually, home and family. I'll always be connected to my humble beginnings...I don't think we ever lose that entirely...especially when I eat a delicious dessert, see a beautiful place, I always think about what it use to be like back then.

    1. Wow, Rita, thank you for sharing your story. It's very moving.
      Yes, I have three children, two of whom have children.... Jeff (52) has the 13-year old twins, Malia and Samantha; and Kari (51) has 6 children, 5 girls and one boy. The first three are girls, Quinn (25), Addison (21) and Holland (19) - Then she has 13-year old triplets: Tate (F), Avery (F) and Spencer (M). Quite a crew.
      My youngest son, Spencer, is a bachelor and has no children - that I'm aware of!!!!
      Do you have children?

    2. I have a boy 39 and a girl 41 and one granddaughter by son. My granddaughter lives with her mother in Alaska. I wanted a large family when I was young but turn of events made me decide to stop at two. I was a single mom for most of my children's life. My daughter decided not to have children.

  2. Love your grand daughter's posts.
    We've been to London and Paris, but Rome and Madrid are still on the bucket list.

    1. Addison just flew to Colorado today to begin her orientation for her Teach For America job. I still have Madrid - and lots more of Spain high high high on my bucket list too!

  3. YOUR cookies are one of our favorite food groups! :o)
    I always enjoy reading our blogs and learning something new about you! Abrazos.

  4. Hi Paula and Jerry:
    Yes, those cookies are popular throughout the World. Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Walnut Crescents, etc. They're all essentially the same recipe. sometimes I make them with pecans and sometimes with walnuts. I've even used almonds and they're good too. For a more nutty flavor try chopping then toasting the nuts lightly and let them cool before adding to the cookie dough.
    Abrazos to you both too

  5. Love your blog!! We are Mexican RVers.

    Read you granddaughter's blog back one year...she is special indeed. You have raised a very special family.

  6. Thank you, Contessa. I just took a ten minute peek at your blog and would love to follow you on your adventures.