Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Home Again! and Positive Thinking

May 14, 2013
Highway 99 N Stockton, California

I just drove up to my house about an hour ago after five months.  As I was nearing the turnoff to my home on I-80E my speedometer clinked over to 84,000 miles.  I'll need to check my journal but I think I was somewhere in the neighborhood of 78K when I started this adventure.

It'll take some time to assimilate all that's occurred during this, my first ever RV adventure; but I can say it's been a wonderful introduction to an experience of a lifetime.  I feel very happy and thankful for all the incredible things I've experienced and enjoyed.  I learned a lot about people, especially myself.

Yesterday I arrived at the home of Dee Medd and his wonderful girlfriend [of many years], Mary Jane Weir for what turned out to be a fantastic finale to a fantastic 5 month adventure.  Dee and Mary Jane have been traveling, up to 6 or 7 months a year, all over North and Central America, together since 1996 and Dee for up to 40 years or more now.  They know every nook and cranny of the US, Mexico and Central America.  It was a fitting finale for my personal adventure; we shared stories, experiences, characters, etc. for the afternoon and evening yesterday and the morning today.

Dee and Mary Jane live in Modesto - in the Central Valley of California - the fruit, nut and vegetable basket of the nation.  It is hot country, the sun shines almost every single day of the year, crops grow like crazy and the heat can get oppressive.  But, as they say, it's a great resting and planning atmosphere for the next travel adventure.  They're a few years older than I and definitely role models for how I want to enjoy my life.  They're always interested in trying new things, going new places, taking a few risks to benefit from the experience.  That's how I intend to live too.

Positive Living - One of the lessons I've been learning during my adventure is:  Life is Life.  I cannot change it.  It will happen as it's supposed to happen whether I have a positive or a negative attitude.  I'm learning to develop tools for developing a positive attitude no matter what.  No matter what life throws my way I can choose to accept what comes  -  positively.

1)  Shift my thoughts - it's easy for  me to feel positive when there are no threats.  It's when frustration, sorrow, low self-esteem, anger, etc. come into the picture that I have to develop strategies to shift my thoughts.  I can't change lots of the occurrences but I can encourage myself to think other more positive thoughts .... the sun is shining, I'm healthy, my pets love me, I have choices .....

2)  What's the lesson I'm supposed to learn from the experiences in my life?  Sometimes I make mistakes, don't think of others' feelings, etc.  When something happens that makes me uncomfortable, that 'brink in the stomach' feeling - what's the lesson for me?  If I can figure out what the concern really is, maybe I won't have to continue to make the same mistakes over and over.  Isn't that be a nice positive to add to my life?

3)  I can't be both angry and grateful at the same time.  I need to count my blessings every day.  I have so much to be grateful for.  I think 'anger' is a cover emotion for the more fundamental emotion of 'fear.'
I know it's impossible to love and fear the same thing at the same time.

4)  I have been accused of being tough on my family and friends, subordinates - but who am I toughest on?  Me.  I am reminding myself to consciously put together daily affirmations for myself.  I'm a good person.  I try to understand others' points of view.  I respect differences.  I intend to remind myself of my good qualities often.

5)  I'm keeping an inventory of good memories; times and experiences that make me happy just remembering them.  How I so loved my children, my parents, my husband, my girlhood bedroom, my pets, etc.  Good memories are positive making .... I've 'warned' my family and friends that I'm planning to start writing short biographical and auto-biographical stories.  They may not be as others remember them, but they'll be positive memories for me.  Readers can take what they like and leave the rest!

I am detoxing - I intend to continue to change my approach on life.  When I approach life  positively I know I'm guaranteed a more positive response.  I intend to stay in the mode of ....  "the glass is half full" rather than ..."the glass is half empty."  And, for those times when it becomes difficult to maintain a positive attitude I will pray for the willingness to think positively.

I'm grateful for the adventure I've just finished and I'm excited about what's coming next.


  1. Plus, it's so much more enjoyable being around someone with a positive attitude towards things. We can't stand being around someone who whines and complains about every little thing. We met a few people like that this past winter, and found ourselves just wanting to walk away. And we usually did just that.

    It's better to focus your energy finding solutions to problems that might bother you than to dwell on things that you may not have any control over.

    "Don't pull tomorrows clouds over today's sunshine". - Kevin


    1. Fantastic analogy Kevin - I have been re-introduced to worriers and negativity. For Heaven's sake - US citizens HAVE SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR - and Canadians too - as far as I'm aware. In comparison to Guatemala and other Central American peoples - so do Mexicans!

  2. Negative people are so draining. I get exhausted listening to their problems and there are many...I try and hang with the positive ones - happiness and laughter are the best medicine! As I said somewhere else---go with the flow. Happy people are easier to be around and lasting friendships occur! Great phrase Kevin. Also like reading your blog-thanks.

    1. Thanks, Payson48. As you say, I don't want my energy drained by negativity. We can't change the potentially negative occurrences in our lives, but we can change what we do about them!

  3. Good thoughts MP - You always have such a great way of putting pen to paper. Everyone can take a lesson from your writings!! My friend, Danna, always says "lean away from the negativity, just lean away..."

    We LOVED our time with you and look forward to seeing you again!! Welcome "to your home"!!