Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Once again, thank you all if you've served in our country's military service - or that of any country in the free world.  I believe we don't give enough thought and caring for those who have, do or will risk their lives so that we can be free - to write blogs, travel freely, enjoy all the benefits of our modern society.  As I travel more and more I'm more and more thankful for what we have been given in the US and Canada. We are blessed.

I've been house and dog-sitting for my son, Jeff, and his family for the last three days - living in my RV right outside and enjoying the quiet serenity of the countryside outside the little town of Cottonwood, CA ... about 25 miles south of Redding.  Jeff, Alice and their twin daughters, Malia and Samantha, traveled to Medford, Oregon for a soccer tournament.  My 13-year old twin granddaughters are very competitive and competent soccer players; their parents sacrifice a lot to make it possible for the girls to play on a traveling team - for most of each year.  And, they're GOOD, if I do say so myself!

The tournament this holiday weekend was not their finest hour; unfortunately they didn't make the finals - an unusual occurrence for them.  The positives still outweigh the negatives for the weekend.  They set up, I believe, 10 tents in a KOA campground - and did a lot of having fun with their soccer-buddies and their families during their stay.

Malia and Samantha, in 7th grade, are the youngest of my 8 grandchildren; they're great girls - and becoming very lovely young ladies.  I fished out a couple of photos taken last Summer when they and their mom, Alice, visited me in Guatemala.  I swear, in the last 8 or 9 months they've matured 5 years.  Oh, but it goes by so quickly .....

 This is Malia - named after me!  Malia is 'Mary' in Hawaiian.  She is kind, helpful, thoughtful, smart, agile, Pogo Champ of the family, swims like a fish and a joy to be around.  Two relatively recent changes for Malia:  She's wearing braces on those beautiful teeth and she loves all things cosmetic.

And this is Samantha.  She's intelligent, sweet, loves to learn all kinds of things, competitive, fast, has a memory of steel, petite, loving, Rubik's Cube champ of the family.  This girl is going places.  I expect Sam will conquer whatever world she decides to enter.


  1. Both of the girls are beautiful and I can see why you are so proud of them. Sorry that they didn't make it to the finals but nice that they had a great weekend with their team mates and their families.


  2. Just think, though. They had a chance to experience Oregon. That's always worthwhile, no matter how the game turns out.


    1. You're right, Gil. I plan to spend some really good time visiting all four corners of Oregon in the near future. I lived in Lake Oswego for a year many many years ago and fell in love with that beautiful state. Any suggestions on State Parks for RV camping?

    2. Try Nehalem Bay campground, close to Cannon Beach and the lovely little town of Manzanita. There are two restaurants there worth visiting, one a pizza place and the other a Mexican. But it has been a while since we were there.

  3. This is my first time at your blog. I enjoyed meeting your two sweeties. Hopefully, we will meet down the road sometime.

  4. Look forward to meeting too. Do you have ablog?

  5. Lovely family! Great post! Thanks.

  6. MP - It is so much fun to hear of your time with your family. You speak of such love - it makes me feel good just to read it, AND, it makes me miss you even more!!

  7. Thank you everybody. And, Nancy I dooooo miss you both!