Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back to "MY" Pacific Ocean

5/8/13     7:56PM

We arrived here at Dockweiler State Beach RV Park at about 2 this afternoon after a nice 144 mile drive from Indio.  What a nice change in temperature - about 75 F (23.8 C) with a nice breeze blowing in from the ocean.  After having driven all over Kingdom Come in Mexico, I have to admit that I was a little worried about driving in LA - with commute traffic.  Well, I needn't have bothered with the concern; traffic was light and my iPhone GPS took us right straight to the RV park.

This morning, before I left Indio, I went to a locksmith to see if he could either make a key or change the deadbolt lock on the side door of the Dolphin so that I could lock it from outside the RV.  When I purchased the rig, the previous owner said he'd never had a key for the deadbolt.  I've been able to set it from the inside but it was darned inconvenient if I wanted to lock the 'kids' in to leave them - I'd have to lock up from the inside then climb into the cab and go out the driver's door.  Also, for some reason, the door handle lock has not been functioning for the last few weeks.  I stopped at a locksmith right near where I stayed last night and he made a new key for the deadbolt and adjusted the door handle lock and they both function perfectly.  Hooray!

When I got fairly close to this beach area I scouted down a Wall-mart to stock up on a few grocery items so I could relax before the excitement of everybody arriving tomorrow and Friday for the big weekend.  Since we've been here we've walked on the beach and I've taken a few photos of the
sunset ...

Beach party and sunset - Playa del Rey

Sun headed for Japan!

Looks like I'll have a real treat tonight - it's dipping down into the 60s now so it should be really comfortable sleeping tonight.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that today is the anniversary of my mom's birthday - she was born on May 8, 1908 - that would make her 105 years old!  When I was growing up her birthday occasionally fell on Mother's Day.  I miss her.  She loved me so much.


  1. I have so many wonderful memories at Dockweiler Park near the L.A. airport. I stayed there so many times and walked at the beach. It was 1996 and mostly 1999. The rate then was around $ 12-15 per night. One could stay for a reasonable rate for the whole month. Now it is $ 65 per night and only a 14-day stay, if I remember correct. Luckily I enjoyed the California beaches a lot when they were still affordable.

  2. Hi Renate!
    Soy Jorge! Su amigo de Mexico!!


    1. Hi Jorge aka George,

      thanks for the greetings. I enjoy your new blog and read it daily.

      All the best to you.

  3. Yes, Dockweiler is expensive - and pretty empty at this time. I think maybe lots of people use it for one night on their way somewhere else. The airplanes don't bother me at all; as a matter of fact, they remind me that I'm back in this great country. In Guatemala I only heard helicopters and in Mexico not much happening in the air other than birds and insects .... Jorge, Terri and Mike can tell you lots about birds! I just bought a Birds of North America book and plan to start collecting sightings!