Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First morning home - Aaahhh! Mmmmm! Yes!


I thoroughly enjoyed the first night in six months in my own bed - aaahhh!  Once again, I have so little experience of being retired - at home - my brain was in full press ahead when I awoke.  Then I reminded myself, "Self," I said, "Slow down, there's no rush, let the newness and wonder of this experience settle in; the let's get stuff done will happen - or maybe it won't be necessary!"

There are so many ways to BE BUSY - I'm 'busy' today learning how to relax adequately!  Kari called and asked if I'd like to go out for dinner with her and the triplets late this afternoon.  I want to thoroughly enjoy this current gift of being able to see them frequently as I know I'll be out adventuring again soon and won't be seeing them.

For my readers, if you have suggestions for adventures please share them with me.  Maybe I should start planning that trip across the norther nUS and / or across Canada.  I've always wanted to LIVE in the Fall in New England and Eastern Canada - Nova Scotia, maybe even Newfoundland.  Ideas????

I have so much to think about .... Do I want to rent my house?  Sell it?  Where do I want to have a "base?"  Do I need a base?  Or storage only?  What does the house need in terms of fix-up to rent?  To sell?

What does Daphne Dolphin need for future travel, living, comfort?  What's the order of importance?

What personal goals do I have?

1)  Make a new monthly budget
2)  Stick to it
3)  Start actively investing money - take a little out of savings to 'play with' - that means be willing to make mistakes, i.e. lose capital, to learn new skills
4)  Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet
5)  Find forms of exercise -  cardio, strength, flexibility, etc. - that are doable and enjoyable - and don't hurt
6)  Learn to groom Lacy - will save lots of money!
7)  Do my taxes - extension filed - now due July 15th
8)  Monitor health regularly - vitals, weight, energy
9)  Read and study more


  1. I'd rent your house with option to keep one room for yourself in case you need to return home. I loved New England when I traveled through there...especially the sea food i.e. lobster in Maine and crab cakes etc. I plan to return some time soon.

  2. That's a great idea re: rent the house EXCEPT for my room. Yah, then I could store stuff in the room and have it somewhat temperature-controlled. It gets really hot here; things in the garage kind of fry in a few months. If you have any particular suggestions for New England I'd love to hear about them. I have relatives in New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York (way up right below Montreal). I also have met such wonderful Canadians on this adventure in Mexico, I'd love to visit them too - Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, etc. I'm in information-gathering mode now. Thanks Rita.

  3. I suggest you join an Rv group for singles. I belong to the WIN group, by association you will meet many people who by example and advice how to do this Rv thing.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll google it - sounds like a great idea.