Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday in Mesa, Arizona


Yesterday the 'kids' and I left beautiful Kartchner Caverns State Park and drove about 160 miles to Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix, where we're staying at Apache Palms RV Park for three nights.  From here we'll finally return to California and will probably stay in Blythe and then San Bernadino before ending up at Dockweiler State beach RV Park in Playa del Rey to attend all the festivities for addison's graduation from Loyola Marymount University on the 11th.

The drive yesterday was an easy one; boy do I have a new appreciation for the freeway system in the US.  Probably the biggest positive is that generally four or six-lane freeways are divided with a sometimes very wide medium strip so the two or three lanes heading in one direction are not right on top of the lanes heading the opposite direction.  And, most importantly, there is a shoulder on both the left and right sides of the traffic lanes - for emergency stopping with safety.  In Mexico, many of the highways are well-paved and in good condition (this fact alone was welcomed after having traversed Guatemala by car - another story for another time).  But, more often than not, there is either no shoulder area at all, or, if there is, it's fraught with danger - holes, rocks, broken glass, etc.  Now that I'm back to using my iPhone's google earth for navigation, it's delightful from time to time to be able to pull over and check my bearings - without fear of taking my eye off the road while doing so.

This brings me to a thought:  I haven't found many disadvantages to traveling alone, actually there are many ADvantages; but one is the fact that, although Lacy is a smart Standard Poodle, she's neither a map-reader nor iPhone savvy!  I'm even enjoying the computer voice delivering instructions as I drive along!

 Apache Palms is an RV Park that I'm sure is mobbed during the Winter season.  It's essentially completely paved; each site has been well-leveled and has a cement pad - most with built-in barbecue.  They offer complete hookups for all sites, cable TV and free wi-fi.  They have all the amenities:  pool, laundry room (only $1 to wash a load) and are directly on the light rail system, a fact that is beneficial to folks, like me, who don't want to drive their rig once they're settled - and don't have a vehicle other than the rig.

I am staying here a few days to visit my good friends, Sam and Betsy, the parents of my wonderful son-in-law, David.  Today, betsy and I are going to 'hit the mall' for a ladies day of shopping - hopefully finding something decent to wear for Addison's fiesta weekend - next.  The 'kids' will remain in the air-conditioned RV for the day - no, I don't feel guilty - they also cannot tell time - so they'll sleep through the entire time I'm away!