Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday evening

5/18/13  8PM

I hadn't mentioned before but one of the important reasons I came up to way Northern California  was to pick up my Toyota Camry that has been parked in Redding at my sister-in-law's house since December.  My daughter-in-law drove me to Redding (about 20 miles) late this afternoon - and there she was (my Camry) just waiting for me to take her home!  She's now parked right next to Lacy and me  in our Dolphin at my son's house.  It's amazing how liberated I feel to have both my RV and my car in the same place.  Now I can cease and desist begging rides and / or driving Daphne Dolphin to the store for a loaf of bread, so to speak.

I did borrow Alice's car this morning to do some errands - I'm needing lots of little bins and things for the reorganization project in the RV.  This afternoon  I also spent some time sunbathing next to Jeff and Alice's lovely pool - I'd just about completely lost the great tan from earlier this year in Mazatlan, Lo de Marcos, Sayulita, etc.  Their place here in Cottonwood really is very peaceful and relaxing.  And, I love having my granddaughters pop in on me from time to time during the day.

Tomorrow we're going on the first boating outing of this year.  We'll meet with other relatives and friends at Whiskeytown Lake, which is only about 40 minutes from here.  I've always loved the lake and years ago, when I was a serious distance swimmer, I used to drive up to Whiskeytown from Red Bluff (when I lived there) a couple of times a week to do some serious workouts for long distance swimming.  The water is usually not too cold, actually very pleasant when the summer heats up.  Our family has always been a water sport loving group - swimming, water skiing, scuba, surfing.  Jeff's boat is less than a year old - it'll be my first time on it.  My nephew, Gregg and his family will join us on their 'patio party boat,' kind of like houseboat.  There should be about 15 or 20 people of all ages - I know it should be lots of fun.

I plan to take lots of pictures - it will temp you to include Whiskeytown Lake into  adventure plans in your future!