Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Monday and April Fools Day

Easter Monday, April 1, 2013  April Fools Day

I didn’t ever get around to writing yesterday.  Maybe I put it off because my Internet connection was up (for a change) and I emailed all 3 kids, spouses and 8 grandchildren.  Of course I believe I have THE greatest grandchildren ever born into this World!  For purposes of this blog I do hope all are enjoying a happy, healthy and blessed Easter Season.

Grandchildren in chronological order: 

Daughter Kari's kids:
Quinn - 25, Addison - 21, Holland - 19 (almost:  4/10), Tate, Avery and Spencer - all 13 (triplets)
Son Jeff's kids:
Malia and Samantha - both 13 (twins)

Several rigs have left, or are pulling out today.  After discussion and email communication I’ve decided to leave tomorrow with Renate Hoven to head to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato where we’re hoping to get into the RV park and tennis club (Weber’s) in the city itself.  SMdA is not one of the places I had thought I’d really like to visit as there is a very large ex-pat population there and spending all my time with Gringos instead of Latinos/Indios isn’t high on my list of wishes.  I love all my new gringo friends AND my Mexican friends too!  However, through what I’ve read and learned from people who’ve been to San Miguel, it’s a beautiful and historical place not to be missed.

Oh, this is a large country with so much to see; it would take years and years of constant travel to see all it has to offer.  I emailed “Ten Things You Might Not Know About Mexico,” taken directly from “Travel with Kevin and Ruth’s” blog, to my family last evening.  It’s amusing and enlightening trivia for those who may not be familiar with Mexico.

Last evening I rearranged things in my RV so that I don’t have to unpack so much at each stop – but can, with ease, if I want to.  I’ve started to sleep on the couch – that's been modified into single bed size.  It takes about 30 seconds to make it at night and another 30 seconds to fold up the bedding in the morning.  Everything’s arranged in bins above the cab – and I’ve more semblance of order as to where things are located.  Depending on how I choose to travel later, I think I might modify the above cab area for really efficient and organized storage.  I may even redesign the window coverings in the cab area itself so that I don’t feel the necessity to close that area off from the rest of the ‘house.’ [Maybe I could install a curved curtain rod above the windshield and driver and passenger side windows so I could close them when camped).

Now, mind you, I’ve brought about twice as much of what I don’t need and half as much of what I do!  My RV prep list of necessities / changes gets longer all along the way.  People are surprised that this is actually my first RV trip (other than a couple of weekends in California and ‘camping’ outside Jeff’s or Barb’s house); I guess because I haven't been a complete dunce thanks to help from Barb and Fred before we left California.  I now know that I don’t need anywhere near the amount of clothing I have stuffed in my new shelved closet!  I’m collecting info to rethink clothing all together.  Because one tends to need different kinds of clothing for different climes it’s necessary to have a jacket, hat, gloves, swimsuit, shorts, etc.  But, I don’t need 6 of each!!!  I remember when I was going through my closet at home I chose those things I thought I’d need; and then, I put in this and that just because!  STOP MP!

Then there are things like my little Cuisinart – I didn’t think I’d use that at all.  Well, now I’m feeling I could have used it every single day – smoothies/licuados, chopped veggies – oh, how I’d love to have it.  It’s on the list.