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Email 3/10/13

Email to family and friends March 10, 2013

Mary-Pat Sherman
Mar 10
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Hi Everybody:
Happy March, Spring, St. Paddy's Day, Birthday, etc. from Valle de Juarez, Jalisco, Mexico.  I arrived here yesterday  from a little town called Villa Corona where we stayed at a water park called Chimulco.  I left Barb and Fred there and headed out on my own, arriving here about three hours later.  This RV park is right outside a really really Mexican town - very clean, neat, lovely houses and gardens and wonderful people.  The owners of the RV park are a Mexican gentleman and his wife, who've retired here in his hometown after working for thirty  years for the Chicago Transit Authority.  His wife is an American retired nurse; we have lots in common.  They had traveled here and all over Mexico with their five children in a travel trailer all during their marriage.  So, when they decided to open this RV park, they tried to take into account all the things they felt were missing / wrong with all the places they'd stayed.
I love this park and this area of Mexico; we're in the interior at a high altitude (over 6000 feet); it's a dry climate - warm but not too hot days and wonderfully cool nights.  It's about 80 right now outside and 77 inside my RV.  Last night it got down into the 50s - fantastic for sleeping.  Of course Lincoln and Eleanor, my two rescue cats, have settled right down.  From time to time Lincoln goes out on a leash, but his idea of adventure is about 5 or 10 minutes; then he wants back in.  Lacy is in and out all day - no leash needed.  She's learning to play with all the dogs and cats - and the two resident burros who work diligently keeping the entire RV park grass "mowed."  Their names are Don Quiote and Carmen.  From time to time they bray - ostensibly because they've come upon a tasty tidbit!
The pueblo of Valle de Juarez is 2Km from here, a very easy bike ride.  But this morning Barb, the owner asked if I'd like to ride into town with her and she gave me a little tour - like most pueblos and cities in Latin America it's built around a Central Park - which is really lovely and charming, the prettiest I've seen in Mexico.  We shopped at a Mexican grocery store that is very well stocked with products I need to practice housekeeping in my little Dolphin.
As time goes by I like my little Dolphin better and better; I'm learning new ways to make it more efficient and comfortable everyday.  I began this trip thinking that if I really loved the concept of RVing, I'd buy a bigger RV; as time goes by I'm loving this little guy better and better.  I have to admit that my needs have lessened over the last few years - it's great to 'clean house' completely in 20 minutes, or less!
Originally I'd paid the owners for two days; this morning I paid for a week.  I'd still like to go to Patzcuaro; it's supposed to be very charming with all the artesans, etc.  But, I'm so interested in learning about REAL Mexico - I love it here.  Also, just about 4 or 5 miles from here is a pueblo called Mazamitla - described as "magical" by tourists and locals alike.  I'm going to visit there tomorrow or Wednesday and should have more news.
Hope all is well with all of you.  I love you all and wish you a Happy Spring, St. Paddy's Day, Easter.......

Abrazos ... mp

PS:  Mexican Spanish is not as rapidly spoken as I thought it was.  I'm loving using it - especially where there are no tourists.