Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last Full Day in SMdA - boo hoo


AM:  I will go to a weekly Senior Lunch program today to serve "el almuerzo" to senior citizens from all around the SMdA area.  Terri told me about it and, of course, I know I'll love doing it.  I know my heart will sing.  It's always enjoying to do anything of a helping nature for the elderly and now I think it's extra meaningful 'cause I'm getting there!


The Senior Lunch Program was fantastic; unfortunately they asked that we not take photos out of respect for the elderly participants.  I'd estimate there were close to a hundred people who ate a very nicely prepared 'almuerzo;' the location is in a courtyard next to La Parraquia that faces the central plaza of SMdA.  There were at least 20 'gringo' volunteers; we prepared the plates and served the guests.  This particular volunteer program was started 23 years ago by a Philippino couple, Annette and

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